Night Tour of Rome with Live Music and Dinner Rail on TramJazz

A great evening among the beauties of Rome, good music, local food and good wine …

A musical adventure, good food and wine for a special dinner while traveling in a carriage on the railbus with Tram in Rome. Live music between the rails of the capital if you decide to spend an evening in Tramjazz.

Tramjazz is a well thought out formula that offers a unique combination: a romantic dinner and a live concert all while we are traveling on a tram through the city with stops at the most picturesque corners where  the Eternal City urban rails lead us. The tram carriages have been restored and transformed into an environment where you can eat, where guests will be served with excellent local food and wine while listening the live music played by premium artists .
A night Rome tour that is loved not only by tourists but also for the Romans that can not be run off a romantic evening in the most beautiful places in the world.
The Tramjazz program is always different according to dates, every event is created around one particular mood, such as Dolce Vita, Brazilian jazz, lyrical jazzy, the Romans songs and so on.

The event in which we participated was 3 hours and departed at 21:00 from Porta Maggiore, where the walls are part of the ancient Roman aqueduct and this atmosphere offer a picturesque backdrop to start.

On 7 April this year we had dinner and traveled on Tramjazz hear the notes of the  Gaia Possenti keyboard and the soprano voice of Cristiana Arcari


The departure is from p.zza di Porta Maggiore at 21.00 and back in the same piazza at 24.00 ( lasting 3 hours)

Compulsary booking

The dinner is entirely prepared by using regional food and wine and supplied by the restaurant “IL SAN MICHELE” Serrone (FR)

Please inform us of any allergy or intollerance to food at the time of the booking.

For any further information and estimate

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