Roma, in the garbatella district has opened a new space for coworking, events and communication.
Red Factory Roma, is proposed as a space where ideas are born, comparing, they are designed and realized. It’s a coworking and then by its nature a shared place, open, free, with a specific philosophy: to network, explore opportunities, learn, share, experiment.

Located in the heart of Garbatella, Rome Red Factory was born in the space of former carpenter’s workshop in the basement of a historic building where, until a few years ago, there were still carpenters that with machines, circular saws, planes and drills worked raw wood to turn it into something useful: doors, chairs, furniture.

Today, in 200 square meters of open space there are coworking modular workstations, meeting areas, a lounge and exhibit space made with more than 2 tons of innocents and wooden pipes. While outside, on the porch of the Hotel Suburban, a space designed to host cultural events.

Red Factory Rome is also a laboratory of projects and activities in the areas of communication, the European management of events, exhibitions, graphic design, local promotion, video making, advertising made by the best independent professionals in the Roman area.


Via Francesco Orazio da Pennabilli 5
00154 Roma

Tel. (+39) 06 6931 1289


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