Silent Rome

I’ve been lucky enough to cross Rome far and wide as a reporter in these 2 months of look down and an unknown curtain has opened. I was born in this splendour, I loved this Rome, but I was gradually slipping into a deep despair at the moral and urban decadence of recent years.
The silence, the absence of movement, the purity of the air is an experience that I lived only in the Sahara desert. But here the eye could wander through the unparalleled artistic beauty that no city in the world possesses.
To see them without car traffic, without human tangles is completely different.
It seems to be in a day after, after a mass extinction, where all around you you see the vestiges of an Imperial, Renaissance and Baroque Rome: imagination travels towards the craftsmen and masters who shaped it, towards those times. The Bernini sculpting the Barcaccia in Piazza di Spagna while two solitary ducks conquer a space completely devoid of humanity. He, Bernini, also directed the work on the Fountain of the Four Rivers in Piazza Navona to realize the magnificence of the Pamphili family who made that square the courtyard of his sumptuous palace and there in front of it the Borromini who directed the construction of the church of Sant’Agnese. St. Peter’s yard with Bramante and Michelangelo.
Only the presence of the cars parked in the streets breaks the enchantment and leads to the present.
A Rome with glimpses and glimpses of pure beauty, unreachable, a succession of surreal and motionless scenarios that no one had seen before even in a film.

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