New single and new album for the Romans Feather

Piuma, albumROME – It’s called Hinara the new video of the roman band Piùma, that anticipates the debut album of Makesnoise , which will be published in November 2016 by Dirty Box Records and distributed by Artist First. In the video made by Egidio Amendola (Midria) appears clips from movies related to wars and the band playback between core synth sounds and light effects, performs the song. The special feature of the song is all in text, whose verses are nothing but a list of rifles, pistols, machine guns and trademarks used worldwide in the most bloody war theaters. Among the guitar distortion and electronic synthesizers, the band thus offers his personal pacifist message that ends with the explosion of a mushroom cloud. The Piùma are Glauco Strina (guitar), Denise Cash (voice), Gianluigi Guadagno (bass) e Marco Maracci (keyboards).

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