Christmas show for families at the theater!

Yesterday debut at the Teatro de ‘Servi in ​​Rome the Christmas show for families “La famiglia nel Pallone” directed by Fabrizio Perrone. They recite: Nadia Bengala, Antonio Covatta, Edoardo Busterna, Raffaella Alterio with the video participation of Paola Delli Colli.

The oddities that have become models to be followed are all and the generational models are all considered and ironically placed under the spotlight of modern society without discounts and exceptions. The fragility, the appearance, the selfish search for easy success appears as a level and who perhaps comes out better is precisely who hypocritical morality does not hesitate to put on social media using them as that square where all the same sinners threw the first stone .

Ironic and fun but also bitter as all the truths of the photographs of the time you live.

La famiglia nel pallone
by Antonio Covatta and Alessandro Bonanni

directed by Fabrizio Perrone
with Antonio Covatta, Nadia Bengal, Alessandro Bonanni, Raffaella Alterio and with the video participation of Antonella Salvucci.

A former comedian father owner of a private club, a mother cashier of Ikea and two sons: an online blogger and a Serie A footballer. A weird family that seems happy in TV broadcasts, but is it so in reality? Soon frictions and fractures will emerge, especially between husband and wife. The couple will be forced to make a decision that, unlike what one would expect, will eventually make everyone happy.

Show time
from 21 December 2018 to 06 January 2019

The week Friday 21 hours Saturday 17.30 and 21 Sunday at 17.30
II and III week from Tuesday to Friday at 21.00 Saturday at 17.30 and 21 Sunday at 17.30

24 euros platform € 20 Gallery

Show (20 hours) + Brindisi & Buffet 50 euros
(midnight excluded)

De ‘Servi Theater
via del Mortaro (corner of Via del Tritone), 22
00100 ROME (RM)
Tel: +39 06 6795130
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00 to 20.00 – Sunday from 15.00 to 17.30
Monday closed

At the Teatro de ‘Servi until January 6, 2019 with the special New Year’s toast.

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