Thanks for Hurting Me Kafka. A posthumous tribute

Great attendance on the evening of Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at the Teatro India. In a line  really “together” everybody waiting to enter, we are going to attend the 1st National of the Last Act of Trilogy “On the Passions of the Soul” by Enzo Cosimi (

English title – as in the cosmopolitan tradition of Cosimi – this time a little masochist: “THANKS FOR HURTING ME with evocation of Prague’s atmosphere:” Kafka. A posthumous tribute. “A room full of people of all curiosity and great attention dedicated to the extraordinary interpreters and collaborators of choreography: Paola Lattanzi, Elisabetta Di Terlizzi and Alice Raffaelli.

We are ready for “the emotional and sensory experience of pain … eradicated by life because people no longer live but the tools.”

The 3 actresses, united to the scene with an absolute feeling that makes them look like a single body, despite their movements, intuitive stories of personal stories and different lives, through a witty dance full of expressiveness, involve the public almost to force it into the size of a pain that has the power to annihilate the individual, disintegrating any sense of pre-established identity.

The Kafkian universe is manifested for all the performance thanks to the choice of a refined and strenuous music by Enzo Cosimi himself and Stefano Galanti. The sounds accompany the almost dreamlike journey of the three protagonists through various phases – from narcosis, to escape, to “liberation”.

Somehow even the public sometimes lives in a catharsis. The same cathars that the three dancers seem to have, ending the show dressed in a pretty dress. Symbol of the transformation that worked in their psyche the pain experienced? The ending of screaming applause that required the protagonists five outings before they could leave the audience in the hall.


Thanks for Hurting Me

Kafka. a posthumous tribute

direction, choreography, scenes and costumes Enzo Cosimi

interpretation and collaboration at choreography Paola Lattanzi, Elisabetta Di Terlizzi, Alice Raffaelli

video Stefano Galanti – lights design by Matteo Crespi and Enzo Cosimi

music by Enzo Cosimi and Stefano Galanti – texts by Giulia Roncati

Production Company Enzo Cosimi, MIBACT, Regione Lazio

with support for the residence of Amat, artedanzae20 / DanceHaus and the Festival Districts of the Art of Viterbo

Creation is the third stage of the trilogy “On the Passions of the Soul”


Enzo Cosimi returns protagonist on stage at the India Theater, nationally with THANKS FOR HURTING ME Kafka. a posthumous tribute, the third stage of his trilogy On the passions of the soul, devoted to the emotional and sensory experience of pain, a process that allows to sanctify man and to distance him from life. The new creation of Enzo Cosimi, on stage on 26 and 27 September 2017 (9 pm), closes the appointments with THEATER DANCE, a showcase on contemporary choreography of the Teatro di Roma, which came to the third edition, a window always open to creativity, the plurilingual forms of today’s performance, the new trends in theatricality. The work drama is inspired by the Kafkian universe through visions and travels of the mind that go hand in hand with a writing of the syncretic body in which pain teaches to listen and transmit the uniqueness of the human being. After investigating the sense of collective fear in Fear party and the theme of desire in Estasi, the choreographer analyzes through the movement the sense of pain and expresses how nihilism has annulled any metaphysical value, in a system dominated by technology and voted to planetary domain of science.

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