I Hate Hamlet

Will Gabriel Garco be credible by interpreting Shakespeare’s Hamlet? The answer will be going to the Theatre Sala Umberto in Rome, where is scheduled until October 15, 2017 the Paul Rudnik comedy “Odio Amleto” (trad. “I Hate Hamlet”), with Alessandro Benvenuti as director and screenplay.

The story focuses on the figure of an actor, Andrew Rally (Gabriel Garco), who, having gained great television audience success, decides to challenge himself with a great theatrical rehearsal: “Amlet”!
On the stage you will find next to him two “icons” of the Italian theater; Ugo Pagliai and Paola Gassman. And by their side Andrew Rally (Gabriel Garco) gives the best of it!
With the help of John Barrymore, a renowned Shakespearean actor, Andrew Rally wins his fears, and in just six weeks he goes to the stage.
With the scream “Odio Amleto”, Andrew Rally is able to exorcise the fear and turn that piece of TV into something new and unexpected.
He does’t even believe him! Will you give up on success and money for a new life? ”
“To point out the excellent interpretation of Guglielmo Favilla as a producer-maker who is insensitive to art and haggling of money.”


ODIO AMLETO (Hate Hamlet)





From 3 to 15 October 2017
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 21.00, Wednesday, 17.00, Saturday, 17.00 and 21.00, Sunday 17.00

Prices from 34 € to 24 €

Duration of show: 2 hours including interval

Funny comedy by Paul Rudnick, featuring the story of a small-screened star who, in order to get a busy acting look, agrees to play the Shakespearean character on stage, but points out the ghost of legendary John Barrymore. When the protagonist receives the proposal for a new important TV role, with its star award and the prospect of an oceanic audience, he will have to choose between the noble Shakespeare and the popularity of television …
Andrew Rally, a young star of a recently canceled television series, has just arrived with his real estate agent in what his new apartment will be in New York City. Rally, originally from Los Angeles, is discouraged by the old Gothic gothic nuns. The fact that the apartment belonged to legendary actor John Barrymore did little to dissolve Rally reserves. He is doubly disturbed, as he is also about to play on the stage the difficult part of Hamlet, the role made famous by Barrymore, far from Hollywood’s glitter.
Rally and Danten are soon reached by Rally Agent, Lillian Troy, and his fiancé, Deirdre McDavey. Troy, many years ago, had a brief flirt with Barrymore in this apartment. Excited, Dantine argues that she is able to communicate with the spirits of the dead and suggests calling Barrymore to test Lillian’s statement. Encouraged by Deirdre, Dantine begins the session.
Andrew is encouraged to ask a question to do Barrymore, maybe some advice to interpret Hamlet’s role. But when Andrew cries out, “I hate Hamlet!” a lightning illuminates the room, throwing briefly the shadow of a man’s profile on the wall. Only Andrew sees the shadow.
After the session, Andrew and Deirdre are alone in the old apartment. Their conversation focuses, as is often the case, on Deirdre’s will not to have sex before marriage, with Andrew’s great disappointment. When Deirdre retires for the night in the upstairs bedroom, Barrymore, glittering in his Hamlet costume, appears to the stunned Andrew. Barrymore explains that he is shown to every young actor who is facing the role of Hamlet.
With Barrymore’s help, Andrew falls completely in the side but unfortunately, that’s not all right. Andrew’s performance is weak.
In the end, Andrew receives a new television offer over the possibility of a lifetime on the stage … It will then be found before a “amethyst” dilemma!


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