The art of Mosaics: interview with a Master

Mosaic_Art_roman-soldier@RomeCassio is a legend here in Monti. He is a very nice, pleasant and fascinating man who has dedicated his life to the art of mosaics.

I met him on a sunny day in his shop full of mosaics, tools and people concentrated on their work.

– How did you discover this passion for mosaics ?

Well, I was born among mosaics, the activity began with my grandfather and then my father was director of the Vatican school of mosaics. I have learned everything from them, then, growing up I began to use new techniques and materials but the base remains in the traditional Roman mosaic art.

– What exactly does your job consist of? Do you create new mosaics, restore old ones or what else?

I do all of that. First of all I have been working, through the years, on many ancient Roman mosaic restorations; among the most important experiences I remember are the restorations of Terme di Caracalla, Terme di Diocleziano, the Pompei excavations and all the mosaics that are now exhibited in Palazzo Massimo.

Beyond this restoration activity, I also create new mosaics based mainly on artists? sketches and on request. I use different techniques and materials from the classic ones to the most innovative

– Did you work only in Italy or also abroad?

I have worked many years in the US and also all over the world for the US Government who committed me the decorations of all the War Cemeteries.

– How did you decide to teach this art to young people?

It came absolutely naturally. I have always wanted to share and pass on my knowledge and passion to other people, so I have always accepted, in my shop, anyone willing to learn this art.

How are your courses organized?

It?s very easy; if someone wants to start a course he has to come here and we fix a day and time according to our reciprocal engagements. Usually the lesson lasts three hours, and it is very practical in the sense that I assign work to each apprentice, so after 3 or 4 months everyone has the satisfaction to see a work realized. The cost of the lessons is approximately euro150 for each month.

– What advice would you give to someone willing to learn mosaics?

It is not necessarily a particular attitude, just the will to do it. I have seen that everyone at the end of the course is able to create very nice mosaics.


Sitting here, in this particular shop, for sometime and talking with Cassio is a wonderful experience, it?s like entering into a magic world made of beautiful colours and images where everything speaks of passion, experience and love for this art. It doesn?t matter if you are really interested in doing a course or buying something, it?s nice to come here even just for a talk, there is always someone with an interesting story to tell.


Where is Cassio:
Studio Cassio at Via Urbana, 98-98a (near via Cavour)

by Aureliana Iapadre and Roberta Rossetti

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