Roman Tripe

In Rome, you may hear the idiom phrase “There is no tripe for cats”, indicating that there is no more profit in the company you are going to undertake. It seems that Ernesto Nathan, mayor of Rome from 1907 to 1913, decided to delete from the municipal budget the monthly purchase of the tripe, which became too expensive. The food was purchased for cats, which are indispensable for hunting mice in the Capitol. Hence the famous word tended to indicate the shortage of means.

The tripe is a classic of Roman cuisine and down there is the version of Sora Lella actress and Roman restorer.

What’s missing in this recipe is the description of the delicious scent of this sauce.

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Ingredients Roman Tripe for 2


400 gr of tripe washed and cooked in strips

250 gr of tomato pulp

1 onion

1 coast of celery

1 carrot

1 bunch of mint

1 tablespoon of chopped basil

5 cloves

60 gr of Roman sheep cheese

1 glass of white wine

5 tablespoons of evo oil

Salt to taste

Pepper or chili to taste


Peel the carrot and cut it into pieces

Cut the celery coast and cut it into pieces

Peel and cut the onion

Put all the vegetable in a mixer and shrink them

Place in a large frying pan the onion,carrot ,celery

Add the tripe cut into strips

Add the cloves- Syzygium aromaticum

Add the roman mint

Add the basil

Add the half of the dose of roman cheese

Add the Evo oil

Cook with low heat

The tripe baking will release the water

Reduce the water and add the wine

Let the wine evaporate

Add the tomato and stew always on slow fire

Serve warm with a dusting of the remaining pecorino cheese.

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