The kindness and clever intelligence of this comedy ensure  “Il pomo della discordia” enjoyment and a moral lesson. Buccirosso is here a very good playwriter and director of the play that he puts on the stage until the 4th of February at the Sala Umberto.

Which is the plot? The stormy dynamics of a traditional family from Naples dealing with Achille, the undisclosed gay son to the father, but fully supported by the sister and the mother, an impressive Maria Nazionale.

Which is the comedy origin? The comedy’s idea comes from the Greek mythology the story of the sea goddess’ marriage and the golden apple, today “The discord apple” is the bulky Adam’s apple, the reason of the conflicts during a birthday’s party, in between no limit acceptance and a cynical intolerance.

Is there a moral lesson? The various characters play the most common social prejudices about homophobia, but always with irony and lightness. This is a chance to go behind appearance and cliché towards nowadays humanity.


Besides Carlo Buccirosso and Maria Nazionale, in order of appearance:
Monica Assante di Tatisso
Giordano Bassetti
Claudia Federica Petrella
Elvira Zingone
Matteo Tugnoli Mauro de Palma
Peppe Miale
Fiorella Zullo
With the partecipation of Gino Monteleone

Scenography: Gilda Cerullo e Renato Lori
Lights: Francesco Adinolfi
Costumes: Zaira de Vincentiis

Elena Cattaneo

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Elena Cattaneo was born in Cremona and lives in Rome. She looks at the city, even also many years, like a curious turist.

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