The sixteenth edition of Più libri più liberi opened on Wensday the 6th of December by the Fuksas’ “Nuvola” at the Eur district. Plenty of people: the Republic President and the most important national media.

“To read deal with freedom and free spirits. And with hope.”
Sergio Mattarella, President of the Italian Republic

Small and medium indipendent publishers hardly and breavely promote Italian culture, show their last works with their authors in a 600 events‘ kermesse. News, reading, musical performances and live talks. This year more than in the past and new publishers, at the Rome Convention Center until the 10th of December, 500 publishers take their live meetings about current cultural issues for adults and young generations.

The exhibition has a big and various programme for everybody. A chance to meet a beloved author, among the 1000 present here, or a preview of the last book. It is good for insiders and for people who loves reading and culture.

“The book is a tool to live better. What a better place like a Cloud to enjoy this band of dreamers?” Lidia Ravera, Assessore alla Cultura e alle Politiche Giovanili della Regione Lazio

According to Nielsen’s report – said Associazione Italiana Editori that promoted and planned the exhibition – small and medium publishers grow up more than the others. It is the third year that revenue and copies increase, expecially the foreign fiction, children and young sections and manuals.

A curiosity: the bookshop is still the most preferred way to buy a book. Eight Italians out of ten choose and buy their book in a shop. The magic sensation of chart in our hands.

“Small and medium publishers are the most innovative among Italian publishers, very motivated to explore new genres, new international literatures and authors.”
Diego Guida, Gruppo Piccoli editori AIE President

The Fuksas Cloud (La Nuvola)
An extraordinary visual effect in a vangard architecture building in Europe. A walloping soft white mass, built according to a ecological approach and technological materials. It floats in a steel cage. The building has 8.000 seats, 3500 mq for stands and 5000 mq common space. To know something more:


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