Tuesday, December 18, 2018, today comes out the unpublished video clip of the song “Jenny is crazy” by Vasco Rossi, visible at this link:

The videoclip was made with motion graphic technique. Drawings and scenographies by Rosanna Mezzanotte, realized on paper and subsequently digitized. The direction of the video is by Arturo Bertusi who is also an art director for the image of Vasco Rossi.

It was a great challenge to make a video of a song like Jenny is crazy, who is more than forty years old, which is Vasco’s first single, which is rooted in the imagination and in the hearts of all the fans.
Jenny is the “prototype” of a miracle that Vasco will perform countless times: the more his songs are autobiographical, personal, deeply intimate, the more universal they become of everyone (or rather, not everyone, but each of us). Arturo Bertusi

The Director tells:

“Jenny è Pazza” (trad. Jenny is Crazy) represents one of the first Italian songs to deal with the issue of existential and emotional discomfort, of marginalization resulting from the prejudices of the fear of the different.
So I thought that the only way forward was that of abstraction and re-materialization in design and animation.
I immediately shared the challenge with Rosanna Mezzanotte, and for many years we have created covers, photo editing and graphics for Vasco; Rosanna is an artist, graphic artist and illustrator and like all great artists, she has a unique and recognizable imagination.
And here is born the drawing of a strange, tender and repulsive female figure at the same time; his huge eyes, so disproportionate as to come out of his face, evoke a different, amplified look; his lips, just as out of proportion, an expression of his inner world.
A work of interaction between images and writing has thus begun: some existing drawings have inspired part of the story, and for these I have imagined a “before” and an “after”. For example, the red flowers of a scene are originally an engraving print; in the video they are born like tears that become rain falling, from the earth grow like flowers whose petals become the precious stones of a necklace around Jenny’s neck, metaphor of pain that can be transformed into a value to “wear on” enriching one’s identity .

All the other drawings, hundreds, were made on paper based on the script; subsequently they were digitized for animation and production.

Jenny in the video literally falls apart, her inner world collapses with the surrounding world; we dragged her into a vortex in which her most beautiful memories materialize with the worst nightmares.

Yet we have always taken care of her: we have drawn her, colored, we have let her enter fantastic worlds, we have made her fears visible (and therefore less frightening), to help her, starting right from those pieces, to put them back together and rebuild their identity.

This process, as a “beneficial contagion”, was a real emotional catharsis for the whole team, who worked on this project with an almost maniacal love and passion.

We’re all Jenny, or at least we’ve been for a period of our lives.

The publication of the video follows that of the box that inaugurated the celebratory series R> PLAY, dedicated to the 40th anniversaries of Vasco Rossi studio albums.

“… but what do you want it to be a song … R> PLAY Edition 40th” – Sony Music (Legacy) has been published in three versions:

– HARDCOVERBOOK (32 pages with exclusive contents + CD)

– LP – Long Playing; s://

– DELUXE BOX in numbered limited edition
(includes the original album at 33 rpm 180gr; the 45 rpm “Our relationship / … and then you tell me about a life together”; the vinyl version CD replica; the cassette tape; 112 pages, written by journalist and music critic Marco Mangiarotti, with an interview with Vasco, many photos and unpublished and exclusive content, a personalized pencil).

Available at the following link:


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