Verona in Dance

Verona is a wonderfyll city in the Veneto region that rises around the Adige river and is best known for being the city of Romeo and Juliet, the characters of Shakespeare’s opera.
It was the first city we decided to photograph in 2019, and so a very cold January morning together with the talented ballet model Elisa Storti, we met in the Verona Porta Nuova station to make our photographs.
From the station the historic center can be reached in a few minutes with one of the many metropolitan buses or on foot in about 20 minutes walking along the beautiful Corso Porta Nuova, a long and wide avenue that leads directly to the Gates of Bra.
Once past the Gates you enter Piazza Bra, the main square of Verona, one of the largest in Europe and where the famous Arena di Verona is located, a Roman amphitheater, ancient but with the best degree of conservation, thanks to systematic restorations made since the sixteenth century during the summer the Arena di Verona hosts the famous Opera Festival with many international singers and musicians.
Among the passers-by and the curious we made some photographs and we set off again towards Via Cappello, not far from the central Piazza delle Erbe, to reach the House of Juliet, a 14th-century Gothic palace with a small museum and above all the famous balcony in stone.
The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet found some feedback in Verona, such as the emblem of the hat on the keystone of the entrance arch to the courtyard of the house and various places were recognized where the story narrated by Shakespeare would take place.
The Casa di Giulietta (House of Juliet) is one of the major attractions for tourists visiting Verona and in fact the courtyard of the house which leads to the balcony is always very crowded, also due to the presence of shops where tourists are sold souvenirs. Already from the courtyard entrance arch all the walls are entirely covered with graffiti and love cards left by the many visitors.
We still had some time to take some pictures of the Adige river and the Ponte delle Navi (Ships Bridge) from where we can see the tower of the torre della Parrocchia di San Fermo (Tower of San Fermo) in the distance.

Despite the cold (suffered more by Elisa, whom I thank for her sacrifice in the name of art) we were able to admire and photograph a beautiful city, where I will definitely return to take new photographs.


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