Desenzano on Garda in dance

Desenzano del Garda is a beautiful town located in the southern part of Garda Lake, in the province of Brescia and a few kilometers from Sirmione. It is a beautiful tourist resort in Lombardy and in fact as soon as I arrived at the station I immediately had the feeling of being on holiday, clean air, lots of greenery everywhere, the blue lake in the background.
Accompanying me on this photographic walk is the very talented dancer Denise Di Cicco, together with her sister Giada and the very nice family that supported us and endured with patience throughout the session.
The historic center of Desenzano can be reached from the station with a short walk of about 15 minutes, and there are many monuments to admire even during a simple walk in the streets of the city. The historic center originates in the sixteenth century thanks to the famous architect Giulio Todeschini, we can find the Palace of the Provveditore and the monument to St. Angela Merici built in 1782.
From the historic center you can easily reach the lakeside promenade, a beautiful tree-lined avenue full of colorful flowers that runs along the rocky beaches of the blue Lake Garda, of course we could not draw back from the invitation to photograph them in our own way.
Many are the tourists and the walking families who followed us during the photo session and seeing what we were trying to accomplish they offered their contribution, those who lent their dogs and those who alternatively had their own children.
Moving on the lakeside you can visit the monument of General Achille Papa, the work of Giancarlo Maroni who designed the Vittoriale of D’Annunzio, the lakeside of Riva and the monument of the fallen of all wars, a modern work, we confess that we did none of this, rather we looked for and found a beautiful pier to use for our photos with the lake in the background and some colored smoke.
Finally we moved from the center going up towards the castle of Desenzano which dominates the village from the top and was once used to defend the city from the barbarian invasions due to its strategic position. The castle is a real terrace on Garda Lake, the panoramic view of the lake is really very beautiful and amply justifies the short walk uphill to get there. Of course it is also a great location for taking beautiful dance photographs and we took advantage of it with pleasure.
Within half a day we were able to visit almost all the points of interest and I was pleasantly impressed, in fact from the walks on the lakefront, to shopping, to nightclubs, the offer for tourists is really wide and of quality.

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