WUDRome 2021
 | Trust, Ethics, Integrity

From 10 to 12 November in Italy World Usability Day with WUDRome in Rome, Milan, Parma and Bari.
From Gender Gap to Data. Is another web possible?

Trust, Ethics and Integrity: in a year in which more than ever it has emerged how much a simple algorithm can condition mass thinking, going to affect the collective imagination and the rational and irrational reactions that people can develop in relation to social phenomena on a local and global scale, the World Usability Day – World Usability Day in over 43 countries around the world, summarises its sixteenth edition in these three key concepts.

Trust, Ethics, Integrity: what responsibility does the digital world have towards civil society, i.e. the end user of a product? Is it possible to conceive and design a digital, connected, interactive world in which our own data does not become merchandise or, worse still, a traceability of thought and movement to condition our actions?

In short: from the Gender Gap to data, is another web (and not only) possible?

Designers and experts from all over the world will talk about it and design on the occasion of World Usability Day (which has been held on the second Thursday of November since 2005) and in Italy they will meet to discuss it at WUDRome 2021 from 10 to 12 November. After the fully online 2020 edition, in 2021, in addition to proposing a hybrid and integrated formula, for the first time the World Usability Day appointment in Rome will be transformed into a widespread event located in Rome, Milan, Bari, Parma, with a stop in Manno (Switzerland): 5 interconnected hubs for a 3-day non-stop to rethink the future and reflect on the present.

Many guests for a full immersion of training, innovation and networking with workshops, talks and case studies exploring the Design Systems that help people in their daily lives: in particular, the heart of the matter will beexplored on 10 November with the meeting coordinated by Andrea Caporale of Microsoft entitled “How to share data without sharing data”, a focus on the ethics of sharing and the commodification of data from the micro to the macro context; ethics will also be explored in depth with “Ethics Framework” by Manuele Forcucci and Francesco Paradiso.
At the WUDRome, on 11 November there will also be space for reflections and proposals for the inclusiveness of technology with Francesca Fedeli, also a TED speaker, and Andrea Cardillo of Microsoft with the talk “How to communicate in an inclusive way, even with technology”. Sketchin’s Federico Rivera will also return to the subject with “Towards an inclusive approach to design”.

There will be more space for women, but also for current affairs, during the final day on 12 November with, among the guests, Leila Belhadj Mohamed and the focus “Taliban found biometric database from US Army: and now, what?”: a specific appointment that will start from the access to the biometric database of the US Army in Afghanistan by the Taliban and then extend the discussion to the cruciality of personal data management in an increasingly connected world.

“The Internet has completely revolutionised the way people live in the last few decades” explains Carlo Frinolli, CEO and Co-Founder of WUDRome, “by breaking down distances, shaping new possibilities and presenting new challenges. From business meetings to doctor’s visits, many of our daily activities, such as the way we work, booking systems to access services or new forms of socialising, have become virtual. Design must respond to the needs arising from an emergency system and adapt to our current way of life. Now we are faced with the challenges of designing for our online world. Hence the theme 2021 was born and developed: an in-depth look at the digital world and the importance of design’s role in trust, ethics and integrity.”

Behind the way we relate to technology, computers or apps, there has always been someone who has thought about the use of that technology. As a designer they have studied its usability to anticipate our needs, thinking about how, how often and where we would use that service. This is called usability, and a world day is dedicated to usability, World Usability Day, which brings together future design ideas from all over the world.
Since 2005, on the second Thursday of November, more than 200 events have been organised in over 43 countries around the world to celebrate World Usability Day. WUD was born on the initiative of the Usability Professionals Association (UXPA) and was brought to Rome for the first time in 2014 by NOIS3 – Experience Design Agency to raise awareness and train people from the digital sector and beyond on tools and issues central to the research, development and practice of good usability. NOIS3 is one of the national reference points on User experience and Human-centered design issues; it has created over the years a vertical community that is becoming more and more active and wide. The interdisciplinary team practices a Co-design approach, designing from research with users and stakeholders, to develop products and services with people’s real needs at the centre.

The hubs from which WUDRome 2021 can be followed in presence are: in Rome, at Microsoft Roma in Via Avignone 10 and Sketchin Tag Roma Ostiense Via Ostiense, 92; in Milan, at Microsoft Milano in Via Pasubio 21; in Parma, at Caffeina Via La Spezia 90; in Manno, at Sketchin Manno Via Cantonale 36; in Bari, at Microsoft Hevolus Bari, Via Giovanni Agnelli, 31-31, Molfetta (BA).

Full programme and bookings at www.wudrome.it

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