Yoga in the wild at Rome

yoga_Roma_wild_villa_aperto_RomeYoga has among its first benefits to reconnect with ourselves, to drawing closer to a more natural pace of life, the one who can afford, lowering stress levels, better to listen to what our bodies and our spirit they need.

And what better setting to practice if not in the open air, in  the woods and nature?  Practiced on a meadow in the mountains or at the seaside yoga in fact expresses the most of its potential for regeneration and relaxation, feasting and giving us new energy.  It is not just a matter of cleaner air and a lower noise level to optimize these conditions, but also colors, shapes and smells can stimulate our body to enjoy a deeper relaxation and effective.

Do not underestimate the benefit of direct sunlight on our bodies, obviously taken  with due caution. And so when the weather permits it is really a joy for our whole being able to practice as they   did and still do the yogis in India, birthplace millennia ago this discipline, no air conditioning   and artificial lighting and background music with the chirping birds or the waves of the sea. 

Yoga a Villa Pamphili

Yoga a Villa Pamphili

In large cities such as Rome villas and parks are the most suitable places to practice in the summer, choosing as schedules or early in the morning or in the evening, both the  temperature and the confusion as to which position a ventilated, flat and maybe with a nice   view, so as to satisfy even the view. 

Then when we have the opportunity to practice at the seaside or in the mountains then it   becomes all the more interesting. The air of the sea in fact, rich in iodine and other minerals,  and the pure and richly oxygenated mountain, give our lungs, and through them to all our body, valuable elements to the harmonious development of our Being and an energy charge  very powerful. 

In Rome there are many villas and parks where you can practice, Villa Pamphili is certainly   the most impressive in size and landscape, but also the park of Villa Torlonia and Colle Oppio (Opium Hill), a short walk from the Colosseum, are two ideal settings for Yoga.  

But the Romans are lucky because in a short time can reach beaches and beaches where you   can enjoy the sea, perhaps at sunset. The entire coastline fact, between a plant and the other,  offers the most quiet corners suited to the practice and meditation.
And if one has the opportunity to sail on a sailboat at a time of Ponza, Zannone and Ventotene  away one night boat ride from Fiumicino, then the show is guaranteed: breathtaking scenery  that enrich the spirit and unspoiled places where you can enjoy moments of deep relaxation.  

For more information please contact YogAyur-Natural Wellness.
YogAyur organizes group classes and private yoga and meditation in the parks of Rome and   on August cruises sailing with Yoga in Ponza and Sardinia.

YogAyur- Naturale Benessere 

(+39) 392 – 6065351





 Yoga_free_Villa-Pamphili_Rome_Roma-Gratis_lezione_YogaEvery day from 19.00 to 20.00 you can join a yoga class at the Vivi Bistrot totally free to Villa Pamphili. Free Yoga in the Park of Villa Pamphili with ViVi Bistrot
“From June 26 to 18 of September  2014. Hours 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in front of ViVi Bistrot”

Yoga activities take place every day and will continue throughout the summer until September 18, when will start the Yoga Rome Festival which takes place in Rome not far away.

Villa Doria Pamphili

Ingresso di Via Vitellia, 102
00152 – Roma
Tel. (+39) 06 5827540

Yoga_Free_Villa-pamphili_Bistrot_Romayoga_villa-pamphili_Bistrot_RomaThis interesting event is offered daily from ViVi Bistrot under the patronage of the Rome Municipality n.XII.
Greeting to the Sun!initiative is free and open to everyone.
The event is scheduled throughout the summer from Tuesday to Sunday from 19:00 to 20:00 in front of the ViVi Bistrot.

The Sun Greeting (Surya Namaskara in Sanskrit) is a series of 12 yoga postures that made ​​so light and fluid.
This practice helps to make the body flexible and strong, with beneficial effects on the nervous system, respiratory and circulatory systems.
The sun salutation is feasible at any age, gives inner peace and energy who practice consistently.

All the teachers involved are certified by the Italian Federation of Yoga and belong to various cultural associations of the area, will alternate throughout the summer only, excluding rainy days


19, 20 and 21 of September  2014 in Rome. At Villa Doria Pamphili, Cascina Farsetti accessible from the Via Leone XIII, 75 – Rome

Rome_Villa-Pamphili_yogafestival_roma_logo For the seventh consecutive year, the community of Yoga is again high on the lawns of Villa Pamphili with an event now expected also on the international scene, which includes a growing number of visitors, Masters of exhibitors. Three days dedicated to Yoga, its traditions, its innovations to his practice.
The 2014 edition will take place in September, so Yogafestival is the event not to miss the return of the holidays, an opportunity to develop awareness and better address the times in which we live.

The festival hosts on a plot of 3000 sqm two areas outside occupied by a rich exhibition that brings together approximately 60 Yoga schools and small exhibitors, 3 rooms for the practice of Yoga, a conference room, a large area completely renewed holistic , an organic food court, a space for non-profit organizations, with a space Baby babyparking service to help mothers who wish to attend some seminar but do not know where to leave their children.

The festival is a rare opportunity for those who want to “touch” all about the world of Yoga: the parties concerned and the merely curious will be able to take advantage of the Free Class, free lessons and free for everyone that takes place continuously during the three days. Just show up in comfortable clothes and bearing pad to start with a practice.

The program

Yoga is proving to be a valuable support for an exploration of the relationship between mind and body and between the human being and his environment.

The meetings will be held by high-profile personalities who provide content in thickness by sharing their experiences with the public, more and more ‘interested and attentive to the quality of the proposals.

The various interventions will offer the experience of yoga as support for the human being in its entirety, to bring it back into the path of listening and openness.

The novelty of the program and many teachers are invited selected. Some indication?

– Friday dedicated to training courses for teachers and advanced students, the three-hour, in-depth essential for anyone who does a work of Yoga: Antonio Nuzzo, Piero Vivarelli, Wanda Vanni.

– Saturday and Sunday workshops with space for international teachers, who come to take a broader view of Yoga, with respect for tradition. We find among others Shifroni Eyal, a senior teacher from Tel Aviv for the first time in Rome, with a path more appointments Iyengar Yoga; Marc Woolford, English teacher whose teaching is linked to the large Vanda Scaravelli, which offers a multi-level meeting; Kay Rush, better known as DJ RadioMontecarlo historical and less advanced as a practitioner of Yoga, the festival brings Abhishek Chaitanya Swami Giri Maharaj, the youngest to take the order of monaco Mahamandaleshwar, which means Guardian and Defender of the Vedas, a title that India has only 24 monks at the highest level and in-depth knowledge of the Vedas. It will be a unique opportunity to listen to him; There will be classes dedicated to those who teach yoga to children, mothers, women. Yoga to help relations with each other, to overcome stress, to find the right contact with nature in the name, as the program of Gratitude.

In all the days of a tight schedule of meetings and lectures alternate with lessons: moments even for those who do not practice but is ready to devote attention to their inner world.

The exhibition space is home to schools of yoga centers and holistic disciplines in a more structured, with a room for practical workshops on nutrition, massage, knowledge of the elements; Centres present, among the most qualified in Italy, will be on hand with their experts to provide information, brief consultations and treatments.

  Admission to the festival is done , for the current year,  with valid membership card of 10 Euro is required either online or locally. The card from right to participate in the festival activities organized throughout the year and to benefit from reductions in the schools present.


Via Leone XIII, 75
00152 Roma
Tel: +39 06 5344428
Cel: +39 338 5785977


{google_map}Via Leone XIII, 75, 00164 Roma, Italia{/google_map}
street number 75 is located on Via Leone XIII 75 (also known as the Olympic)
with the Metro A direction Battistini and get off at Valle Aurelia direction lenin take 33 or 31 in the direction laurentina,
The bus stop is Leo XIII / plug.
from other directions can be reached by buses 30, 31, 33, 791.
Enter the gate and follow the signs that will be specifically placed to get you Cascina FarsettiArt.

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