The Things That Make Rome a Special City

Traveling is the thing that fills you with energy and passion for life. No matter where you’re heading to, what is the final destination that you want to reach, every traveling destination that you can think of is worth visiting on its own. However, some cities have remained at the top of the list of must-see traveling destinations, and are crowded by travelers every year.

he captivating history, beautiful landscapes where travelers enjoy spending time and watching the beautiful view over the horizon, delicious food that you enjoy every bite of it… Such a city is Rome, the capital of Italy, a city that everybody must visit at least once in a lifetime. Actually, visiting Rome once will definitely not be enough, and its charm is like a magnet for tourists who can’t resist but come back to this city again and again.

Roma, The Eternal City
Rome is a city that no matter how many times you’ve been there, something will be missing to make the whole journey complete. No matter whether you’re a hitchhiker, backpacker, lost tourist, budget traveler, or a classy traveler, there is a place for everyone in this city, and each and everyone enjoys the city in a special, non-describable way. Rome is a special blend of history, monuments as long as history, buildings that speak about a rich culture, and delicious bites that you will remember long after. Surely, there are many things that make this city a special one, but here are some of them that truly speak about the greatness of this city, so here they are.
Interesting Facts about Rome

Many things were introduced for the first time in Italy. For instance, Ridotto, a casino in Venice where games like poker and roulette were played, and the same online slots you can try here , was the first casino to start operating in the world. There are many other interesting facts about Italy and Rome, like for instance, there are 280 fountains and more than 900 cathedrals in the Rome area. Rome is the cradle of Christianity. Indeed, Basilica di Santa Maria Maggore, is a church tracing back to the year of 440 with mosaics from the 5th century. Ancient Roma people, according to their citizenship in Rome, wear togas made of linen, both male and female.
Legends and More Facts

The mythological founders of Rome, the brothers Romulus and Remus, were saved by a she-wolf, is the reason why the she-wolf remained the mascot of Rome and the animal that Rome is recognized by. Rome acquired the title ”The Capital of Italy” in 1870, and it overtook it from Florence. The University of Rome, La Sapienza, established in 1303 AD, is the biggest university in Europe and the second-largest university worldwide. There is a number of museums in the city, and one of them is dedicated especially to pasta. The basilica inside Vatican City is the biggest cathedral in the world.

The list of wonders in Rome goes on. However, its magic can only be revealed when you visit this city.


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