4th evening of Sanremo, a rain of Stars of music on the stage of the AristonThe

The 4th evening of Sanremo festivalis characterized by the duets of the 24 competitors with other artists, a shower of Stars of the music that filled the Ariston with great performances and many emotions, here are all the names of the artists who have duets

:1) Last with Fabrizio Moro;
2) Simone Cristicchi with Ermal Meta;
3) The Zen Circus with Brunori Sas;
4) Daniele Silvestri with Manuel Agnelli;
5) Paola Turci with Beppe Fiorello;
6) Nek with Neri Marcorè;
7) Enrico Nigiotti with Paolo Jannacci and Massimo Ottoni;
8) Boomdabash with Rocco Hunt and the Musicians Cantori of Milan
9) Mahmood with Gué Pequeno;
10) Loredana Bertè with Irene Grandi;
11) Anna Tatangelo with Syria;
12) Francesco Renga with Bungaro and Eleonora Abbagnato;
13) Negrita with Enrico Ruggeri and Roy Paci;
14) Motta with Nada;
15) Arisa with Tony Hadley and the Kataklò choreography;
16) Irama with Noemi;
17) Patty Pravo and Brig with Giovanni Caccamo;
18) Ex-Otago with Jack Savoretti;
19) Achille Lauro with Morgan;
20) Federica Carta and Shade with Cristina D’Avena;
21) Nino D’Angelo and Livio Cori with Sottotono;
22) Ghemon with Diodato and Caliber 35;
23) Einar with Biondo;
24) Il Volo with violinist Alessandro Quarta


The most exciting moment of the whole evening was the extraordinary performance of Ligabue, who together with Baglioni wanted to pay homage to Francesco Guccini, the singer-songwriter who in 2020 will be playing 80 years!
Il momento piu’ elettrizzante di tutta la serata e’ stata l’esibizione straordinaria di Luciano Ligabue, che insieme a Claudio Baglioni hanno voluto omaggiare Francesco Guccini, il cantautore che nel 2020 compira’ 80 anni suonati!

On June 14, Ligabue will start the Start Tour from Bari, which will bring the rockstar to the most important stadiums in Italy!

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