“A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.”
(Paulho Coelho)

Today, at the sea my heart did Bum. He says I’m cute, you always smile, she said to be sympathetic even when I winked or funny face from afar. He also says that my glasses are beautiful and colorful, identical to a cartoon, but can’t remember which; however he likes. He gave me some swivels licorice that I love, together with two micro gummy bears. He says that if the appearance one day I married, perhaps. The “perhaps” the most flattering of my life. A hesitation full of promise and tells me touching my hair and smiling. It ‘nice to take your breath, eyes blue color of the sea, her blonde curls break into streaks of gold and earthy brushstrokes. Those eyes so crafty and intense and also so full of dreams. She loves animals, including spiders, turtles and lizards. He said he wants to soon become a peach farmer, because he likes so much. If he can’t possibly make the doctor of animals. He speaks Italian that displaces, these days I have not heard a word out of place, it’s a dirty word. I raise my voice. He is the man of my life. His name is Marco now has for six years and will probably be a pretty great person. Well, this could be one of many evidences that if they pull up well by small, do make.

Marco is one of those children who are part of the heart, mark you with their delicacy and sensitivity, you realize over the years that they remain in a permanent, firm and solid and thinking about their smile. Represent what more beautiful a family is able to teach. Respect, generosity, love and curiosity towards life they face with enthusiasm and vitality. They are brilliant conversations and full of joy and optimism. At their age they teach you honesty of thought and feeling. The things said without filters and bluntly. Sincerity purest in 55 cm high. So on this day at the beach made of great emotions, I decided to return home to open a bottle and a glass of dedicating to him. Why beautiful people are to be celebrated as such. It does not matter if they are big or small, the important that they have left a mark. “HE” has sailed, as a stick in the wet sand, a heart: my. I dedicate to him: “Trentasei” Lambrusco di Modena, Champagne Brut Metodo Classico DOC Harvest 2010 Cantina della Volta. My heart wine. A wine made from emotional people like Mark .

Thirty-six of the past months on the lees, these difficult months: earthquakes and flood were the major events that have shaped this territory, Bonporto was its center. A whirlwind of catastrophic events that have crippled an entire population. Meanwhile in the cellar, the wine of the 2010 harvest has become a power, including the pains that surrounded him as a great warrior. Lambrusco di Sorbara exceptional. A glass exciting. Falls lively in the glass, surprising ruby red, bubbling his perlage almost infinite. Small bubbles enrich the cup. Shines its light. Even without putting the nose, yeast they get up, making you a share. It feels like home. Smell of toasted bread. He says, “Join me and love me.” On the nose, red fruit, a bouquet full of raspberries, cherries, cyclamen and wisteria. Tart cherries. Remember the summer in all its beauty. Creamy on the palate, surprising. A full wine, “sexy” as a curvy woman, full of charm. Elegant, fruity, mineral, fresh. Long. Long enough to think that you’re still drinking. An alter ego to the word modernity. Styloso, egocentric and narcissus. It lets you watch full of himself. I call it “Entertainment” but I decided that the word is generous.
“Mark this is for you. A great wine. Life is not easy, it will be tough, but you’ll be a great man ”

trentasei_Lambrusco_DOC_metodo_classico_2010_Cantina_della_VoltaCantina della Volta
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