In Rome everything is possible!

During my American period an unpleasant accident occurred to me that I could remedy if I had just found the right craftsman. Manhattan is the never-sleeping town you’ll find anything to buy but you can hardly find a craftsman able to bind a book. Friends who were staying at Jersey City not only had welcomed me and nurtured me in the body, but had also taken care of my spirit, ending reading books and magazines to better fall into the culture of the country that was hosting me.
What do I do? The book that so much company had done to me in the long sections of the subway had broken or rather had lost the bindings in several places.

A drama!

Going to the University to learn English better, I decided to ask my professors where I could book the book again to avoid creating a problem for my guests. The answer was amazing: we are not in Europe we are in Manhattan bounding a book is not something for everyone, do first to recycle it on Amazon I was advised by my American teachers. Today, when I accidentally came across Andrea Cesari’s workshop in Rome, I felt the need to share this emotion. It may also happen to you that you need to return to the right glory something precious as an old book.

In Rome it is possible.

Andrea Cesari, after a long apprenticeship with a craftsman, learned the art of binding and opened his shop at the end of 1900. With glue and press it gives life and dignity to the pages that are delivered to it. Words do not get lost thanks to his work but remain glued to the structure the editor or author had imagined they should have. They need patience, experience and exercise to restore a structure, whether it’s leather or cloth, and Cesari does not miss in any of these operations.
Great libraries have been entrusted to work as well as singly bad readers as I was at the time. If you were to serve to bind a book now you know where to find the craftsman who made for you.

In Rome everything is possible even for Manhattan is quite impossible!

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