A theater: crime and punishment in erotic version

In a Christmas atmosphere in a brothel a young prostitute is killed during an erotic game , imported from a politician .

A Chi Gioverebbe – Delitto e Castigo in una Casa di Piacere (Who would be beneficial – Crime and Punishment in a House of Pleasure) is the title of the play by Enza Li Gioi staged at the theatre Le Salette in Rome December 17 to 21.

We are in 1957 , a few months of the Merlin Law, which marks the end of ‘ the house ‘ . The crime is quickly covered up by the cynical Commissioner The Face , a friend of Mr murderess and apparently the companions of the victim and the madam , Mrs. Gemma , are convinced of the need to avoid a scandal that should be in favor of those who are fighting for the closure of brothels. But women, grieving for the death of her friend, organize an extravagant revenge sortirà in an unexpected. With a cut comic and satirical comedy puts his finger on a social problem again become again very timely and especially on a certain way, all Italian, of understanding politics and justice. And even this very timely in these days. A show produced by Enza Li Gioi and Daniela Cavallini supervised by Emanuela Bolco. With Christian Antonioli, Damiana Ardito, Emanuela Bolco, Giuseppe Cataldi, Daniela Cavallini, Franco Dragotta, Erika Kamese, Enza Li Gioi, Francesco Paniccia, Giulio Pierotti, Maria Cristina Recovery, Simona Sorbello. Sets and costumes by Helga Williams. Lights, audio and graphics Carlo Sabelli. Production Letters Cafe and Theater Workshop

Theatre Le Salette vicolo del Campanile14 – 00193 Roma


Tel: +39.0664760536

email: teatrolesalette@libero.it

 LE SALETTE_teatro_RomaThe Theatre Le Salette is located in Vicolo del Campanile, 14

in the heart of the popular and picturesque area included

between Via della Conciliazione and Borgo Pio.


Thursday to Saturday 21.00

Sunday 17.30

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