Deflorian-Tagliarini open the backdoors of TRILOGIA DELL’ INVISIBILE at India Theatre.

Teatro_Deflorian-Tagliarini_TRILOGIA_DELL-INVISIBILEI throw a pebble in the pond, it makes many circles. It’s very interesting to think that the same gesture, throwing a stone, can either kill or form so fragile geometries , so delicate and perfect.

A pebble in the water is an impulse that, with a chain reaction, produces a change in the whole pond. Like Art .

All great adventures start with a pulse that shakes you from within, then, if it does not destroy you will make you better.

Daria and Antonio decided to share some of the stones that have shaken their pond and that led to the creation of the four performances of the TRILOGIA DELL’INVISIBILE.

Seeing the shows and attending the meetings is a wonderful opportunity to peek into their refined and rich boutique of the Actor, to better understand their theater.

Four Encounters, a Mise En Espace, 2 workshops, all with free admission:


Grecia-Italia, risposte alla crisi

con Petros Markaris e Lorenzo Pavolini
4 November 2014 – Teatro India
ore 18.00

MISE EN SPACE: Maggio secolo XXI

Testo: Fernando RenjifocCon Daria Deflorian e Antonio Tagliarini
8 November 2014 – Teatro India
ore 18.00

Presentazione del Libro TRILOGIA DELL’INVISIBILE

A cura di Graziano Graziani

con saggi di Gerardo Guccini, Renato Palazzi, Attilio Scarpellini
10 November 2014 – Teatro Argentina/Sala Squarzina
ore 18.00

La mania della realtà

con Christian Raimo e Walter Siti
14 November 2014 – Teatro India
ore 18.00

L’uomo con gli occhiali

con Gianfranco Capitta e Jean Laurent Sasportes (storico danzatore di Pina Bausch)
16 November 2014 – Teatro India
ore 15.00


Il cielo non è un fondale

con Daria Deflorian e Antonio Tagliarini, a Carrozzerie N.O.T.

29 ottobre – 2 November

Laboratorio di danza

con Jean Laurent Sasportes, al Duncan 3.0

17-21 November

These meetings are Culture, and Culture is never enough.

Brother, believe me: the most powerrful stones are the ideas. One Idea is more powerful than a thousand tanks.

Good things must be shared, ever.

I embrace you brother in Theatre. See you soon.



Where we are

Teatro Argentina

Largo di Torre Argentina, 52 

00186 – Rome 

Tel. +39 06 684 00 01

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The tram line 8 goes by Largo Argentina.

This line stops by Trastevere Station (local train network, connection with the stretch of railway running to “Leonardo Da Vinci” airport);

Trastevere Station connects with bus lines nos. 781, 170 and 766

(the last two respectively stop at the Metro B stations of Marconi and Basilica San Paolo).

Other bus lines stopping along Largo Argentina include: nos. 64, 40 and 492 which stop at Termini Station;

no. 30 which stops at the Piramide Metro B Station, where the train for Ostia departs.

no. 70 which stops at the Colosseo Metro B Station. There is a taxi rank in the area.

Teatro India

Lungotevere Vittorio Gassman (formerly called Lungotevere dei Papareschi), 1 

00146 – Roma 

Tel. 06 684 00 03 11 / 14

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Service entrance for artists and the disabled: 6 Via Luigi Pierantoni

The bus stop for the following lines is just a short walk from the Theatre:

no. 170 (stops by the Marconi Metro B Station; end of the line in Piazza Venezia

no. 766 (stops by the Basilica San Paolo Metro B Station; end of the line at Trastevere Station)

no. 780 (travels to Piazza Venezia, stopping by Viale Trastevere)

no. 781 (travels to the Magliana area and Piazza Venezia, along the same route as the no. 170 from Viale Marconi).

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