Riccardo III with Michele Sinisi at Teatro dell’Orologio


Riccarso_III_terzo_Michele_Sinisi4 – 23 Novemer 2014 , From Tuesday to Saturday 21:15 – Sunday 17:45

Shakespeare’s text opens with a monologue by Richard that is worth the beauty of the whole work, and which condenses the whole story. The show does not tell a story, the text has a musical role, hearing it several times makes you understand the scene more than the script on the paper. [Michele Sinisi]

… NOW …

It ‘just a word, but it is THE word. Man’s whole life turns around that NOW, damnation or bliss and supreme enjoyment, life and death.
NOW, is in the middle.

When you get up in the morning before you go to work, you shaves in the mirror and you see a little tarnished, there is always a NOW watching you, through the peephole of your soul, you can see at the bottom of your eyes misted for sleep, steam and all the shit that they put in your head, the newspapers, the TV, the company and a troop of gentlemen in suits stressed.

Now is the winter of our discontent …

When William Shakespeare wrote his verses, he knew the power of NOW, he knew that when you talk to yourself and begin with a “Now”, you’re going to change your life.

2007-2014. Seven years. Doubts, sorrows, joys, dead ends, the frustration of never feeling able to represent Richard III, set aside and then picked up again uncomfortable, to find the character. An inner work which culminates on July 28, 2014, the day when Michele for the first time, opened the bag now full of life and of this research, in front of a microphone, in front of an audience and to himself, to say “NOW”, starting the show.

The show begins with a Michele’s NOW full of 7 years of life.

“That’s the beauty of this fucking job, theater. Behind every show that works I think there should be a strong story. Of life. “

I agree. And support Michele.
Good things must be shared, ever.
I embrace you brother in Theatre. See you soon.


Clock Theatre – Room Gassman

Address: Via dei Filippini, 17 / a, 00186 Rome
Phone: +39 06 6875550

Tickets: admission only € 10:00

 {google_map}Via dè Filippini, 17/a, 00186 Roma{/google_map}

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