Her.S, theater, female painting, literature and visual arts


HER.S_teatro_al_femminileTeatro dell’Orologio


Company Helen Vanni, Kinesisart, Sycamore Tcompany


from 3 until 30 November, 2014


Feminine Plural Theatre  

Review by women with great actors, directors, artists of the Italian theater; many theatrical events and more like painting exhibition of theater, literature and visual arts.

I am walking, fast but fluid , cutting the blue sprayed of sun winter sky of Naples, navigating on the road that is a river of cobblestones , uneven and black volcanic stones, which still have the heart boiling even when cut.

I pass through groups of people who are out of the shops, they enjoy the sun this Saturday morning in November and speak loudly. The beautiful voice, thick with salt, sun and music of the people of Naples. In the air there is a smell of bread and pizza.

I try to give the smooth appearance of a circle in the square that is life. Not that I would love if it was a circle, but not one angular and stiff square.

I never liked the compromise and that’s why I paid so many times.

Growing up, I realized that the harmony of opposites is not a compromise, but what moves the universe. There is no sun without the moon, there is no night without day, there is no man without the woman. Every human being it’s like the Chinese symbol of the Tao, which presents itself in a male component and a Female one. Blending this black and white the result is all the shades of gray.

Every human being is searching for a colour to be fully completed. If you wake up in the morning, you look next to you into your bed and then you smile, brother, you’re in the right place.

Few things move me or can give me a thrill like the look of a woman who loves. If you look closely, you can never really tell if she loves you or something that she can see through you and maybe you do not even know. Maybe it’s a ghost she sees, maybe the truest part of you.

In any case, then you kiss one with each other and go along, sometimes, it is better not to know or to postpone things until later.

On 3 November 2014 at 19.00

OPENING: Rock Encyclopedia & other writings by Lillian Roxon, reading the artists of HER.S , Vernissage of the exhibition Giugni and Rosa Morelli

– From November 4 to 6 at 21:00

WHITE ROOM and starring Catherine Gramaglia

assistant director Rose Morelli – design: Gaia Giugni – costumes: Gloriana Manfra – lights and sound: March Zara

– November 7, 19.00

Sola a presidiare la fortezza (Alone to guard the fort), by Flannery O’Connor

readings Tamara Bartolini

There will also Mary Frances De Stefanis and Cinthya Storari

– 8/9 November at 21.00

SycamoreTCompany presents

L’ULTIMA PAROLA E’ DEI PAVONI (THE LAST WORD IS BY PEACOCKS) written and directed by Tamara De Stefanis Maria Francesca Bartolini

– November 10, 19.00

La fortezza (The fortress), by Jennifer Egan

readings Company Helen Vanni

– From ’11 to 13 November at 21:00

Kinesisart presents

LITTLE WOMEN by Louise May Alcott’s novel “Little Women” and “Little Women grow.” By Stefania Chiselled Selene Gandini, Laura Garofoli, Charlotte Piraino Claudia Savior. Adapted and directed by Selene Gandini

– From 14 to 16 November at 21:00

Helen Vanni Company presents

A.R.E.M. Agency Recovery Missing Events  – By Francesca Farcomeni, Naomi Parroni, Helen Vanni – Artistic collaboration and dramatic Raymond Brandi and Elena Dragonetti

Scene: Silvio Motta Costumes: Alia Myrtle Botticchio with the support of productive residence Hydra, in collaboration with The Court Hospitable, with the support of Fondazione Cariplo

– November 17, 19.00

Mrs. Armitage, Penelope Mortimer

readings of Catherine Gramaglia

– From 18 to 20 November at 21:00

Kinesisart presents

LITTLE WOMEN – By Stefania Chiselled Selene Gandini, Laura Garofoli, Charlotte Piraino Claudia Savior. Directed by Selene Gandini

– From 21 to 23 November at 21:00

Helen Vanni Company presents

A.R.E.M. Agency Recovery Missing Events

With Francesca Farcomeni, Naomi Parroni, Helen Vanni

– November 24, 19.00

La maestra di colori (The teacher of colors), by Aimee Bender

readings Selene Gandini

– November 25, 19.00

  Female Short Movies , six short films to tell the woman, and a tasting

November 26 and 27 at 21:00

SycamoreTCompany presents

TEARS OF GIULIETTA_omaggio Giulietta Masina (national premiere) By and with Catherine Gramaglia

Guitar: Ennio Hope – Assistant Director: Rosa Morelli – Music: Caetano Veloso

     On March 29, 1993 at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, Federico Fellini received an Oscar for lifetime achievement: “…… I Would like to thanks ….. let me make only one name of an actress who is anche my wife, thank you dear and Juliet Please stop crying “

     20 years after the death of Giulietta Masina, remembering those tears, “Tears Juliet” show that began as a child of The White Room want to remember, pay tribute, moved to one of the greatest actresses disappeared, wife of a great visionary poet of Italian cinema .

     The show will run for 45 minutes, is a one-act play, a stage actress and a musician.

     Between videos, music and words to remember ….. “Charlie Chaplin” Italian.

– 28/29/30 November at 21.00

Helen Vanni Company presents

A.R.E.M. Agency Recovery Missing Events  – By Francesca Farcomeni, Naomi Parroni, Helen Vanni

– November 30, 21:00

Closing Party — with theatrical happenings




Teatro dell’Orologio – Sala Moretti (Clock Theatre – Room Moretti)

Via dei Filippini, 17 / a, 00186 Rome

Phone .: +39 06 6875550

Cost of tickets for the shows: full € 12:00 – 10:00 € reduced

The cost of each literary meeting is 10 Euros – including literary meeting, aperitif, a show of your choice inside the exhibition’s Her


Persinsala, SALTINARIA, Owle

{google_map}Via dè Filippini, 17/a, 00186 Roma{/google_map}

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