The Gregorio VII Art Gallery in Rome opens with an exhibition by the master Andrey Protasov

From 6 October 2021 the new Gallery will present an exhibition in Preview with the Italian-Russian Cultural Foundation and the Artistic Heritage of the master: Andrey Protasov (1957-2019) entitled: “Secret of An Angel“.

The master’s exhibition in the gallery, following his presentation at the Cultural Centre, is intended to be that link that represents Art between Russia and Italy, countries that are distant but close in culture and Art is its glue. Art unites, representing here a historical pictorial memory of the Russian master who loved Rome so much, classical and contemporary traditions and techniques that dialogue in pictorial matter from a present that persists beyond time. Secret of An Angel is an exhibition of small-format works, a monochromatic symbolist painting in a continuous reference, as the maestro wished, the unfinished, I would say infinite like the art that remains with us and the spirit of the maestro that lives through it. The master used to say that every work of art can continue its journey, because it can always be reworked to be improved, so it is never finished… I would say that its journey continues to embellish and fill our soul. We evoke her absence with presence through the works to remind us of the perpetual beauty of her attentive hand and her love for this city, a symbol of the eternal city. We evoke the infinite in the secret of the Angel, making us participate in and question his secret, starting with the sculptures of the angels that adorn the city of Rome, thus feeding our collective consciousness, its importance, its history and the beautiful Italy-Russia relationship. Roman architecture and Russian landscapes under one roof. “This event symbolises the synergy of two cultures, the Russian and the Italian,” said the director of the Russian Centre, Daria Pushkova. “I got to know the artist’s work two years ago and in my opinion, he is the painter whose work should be seen by every one”. The exhibition includes a series of paintings dedicated to Rome and Russia. ⠀⠀⠀⠀

Andrey Peotasov was born in St Petersburg in 1957. In the 1990s he moved to Rome. His works have been exhibited in many public and private galleries in Italy, including the Royal Palace of Caserta, Castel Sant’Angelo, Palazzo Barberini and the Cultural Centre of Pisa. The artist passed away in Rome in 2019 at the age of 61.⠀⠀⠀

Short interview with curator Gallerist Luigi Rosa on the occasion of the preview exhibition anticipating the grand opening of the Gallery:

Tell us about the new Art Gallery?

Art Gallery Gregorio VII 274 Our Gallery in Via Gregorio VII 274 is famous in Rome for the sale of antique furniture since the 1970s, when my father, Umberto Scribano, founded this company after falling in love with this splendid profession following a trip to England.

How did the new path begin?

Now Laura Scribano, his daughter, and I are continuing his path together with Peter Manchia, trying to carry it on with the same love and dedication to customers, but with a more streamlined vision of furnishing, attentive to ancient customs but more in line with current times.

What do you want to create in the new space?

For this reason we have decided to create a new exhibition space inside our Gallery dedicated to Contemporary Art, in the conviction that the two styles can coexist and enhance each other.



Art Gallery Art Gallery Gregorio VII
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