Amici 2019 was won by Alberto Urso 21 years old from Messina, opera singer that the public will remember from the program in RAI by Antonella Clerici “I’ll leave you a song” when as a child he duet with Gianni Morandi.

Alberto Urso is a promising young songwriter who will surely talk about himself not only nationally but also abroad … some have compared him to Bocelli, for the power of his voice, but Alberto has a style all his and incredibly recognizable!

The dance section, on the other hand, was won by the excellent dancer Rafael Quenedit, 22 years of Cuban urine and 1st dancer of the Ballet of Cuba, his is a passion inherited from the family for generations, a perfect technique, an incredible versatility accompanied by an impeccable sensuality and interpretation, make this boy a winning promise of the Dance World, the new Bolle in Latin version!The Finale di Amici saw a selection of all-female supervip judges, led by Loredana Berte ‘, the choreographies created by Giuliano Peparini inspired by films on social issues, managed to excite the audience in the studio and at home, a program dedicated to of the show with the capital “S”, as in the style of Maria de Filippi, undisputed queen of Italian TV!

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