In the living room of Raffaella Carra ‘on RAI 3 Sofia Loren arrives!

A success announced by Raffaella Carra ‘long-awaited return to TV, aired every Thursday evening in prime time on RAI3, the program takes its cue from one of Carra’s famous songs and is titled “To tell a story you begin”, in fact it is a program set in a living room where Raffaella receives her guests … but they are not ordinary guests … we have witnessed a departure in the first episode with Fiorello to arrive at nothing less than a myth of Italian and World Cinema: Sofia Loren, guest in the second episode!Two myths in comparison Loren and Carra ‘that promises to be full of surprises … a resounding success Raffaella’s return to TV, a touch of quality, style and refinement that only a timeless icon like Carra could give us.Today we are witnessing the undisputed affirmation of television indifference, through junk programs that fill the schedules of all the television networks, while “To tell a story begins you” appears as an oasis of salvation in the cathode ray tube … so we can’t do anything but say thanks to Raffaella Carra ‘for bringing us some sobriety on television!But let’s retrace the career of the super guest of the second episode: Sofia Loren!Born as an actress in the 50s “interpreting films like” pane amore e … “or” Orchidea nera “, in 1960 directed by Vittorio de Sica she plays a blockbuster” La Ciociara “with which she won the Oscara Award actress, Loren was the first Italian actress to receive an Oscar in America for a non-English film! In 1992 he received the Oscar for his career with the film that marked the history of international cinema “Matrimonio al Italiana”. In her long and glittering career as an actress she has worked alongside the greatest actors and directors of all time, from Frank Sinatra to Cary Grant and directors like De Sica, Monicelli, Ettore Scola, and even Charlie Chaplin!


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