The binomial art and jazz music is a winning marriage for the Venice Palace that hosts the exhibition “Voglia d’Italia. Il collezionismo internazionale nella Roma del Vittoriano” and the Music Review of the same period. Two also the location setting: Venice Palace and the Vittoriano. Never like today the place monuments open the doors to the big audience. Most of them were closed only to the specialist, while now they are a fascinating cultural setting where the content and the container reinforce each other.
Maria Pia De Vito & Friends awarded the songs of the beginning of the last century, “the standards”, with the concert Anything but love. The quartet through his fascinating voice and virtuosos instruments gives live to powerful notes of famous musicians like Cole Porter e Irving Berlin. Authors of some of the most beautiful American songs from the twenties to forties. Years rich in art and music. The Jazz Age celebrated by writers and poets created a new kind of music in between two culture and music: classical and pop.
The exhibition, by Emanuele Pellegrini, well reproduce the international historical contest. A jump in the past that introduces the big and amazing collection of the American couple George Washington Wurts and Henrietta Tower around the XIX e XX century. They gave this to the Italian State (to the Venice Palace Museum). The second part of the exhibition is by the Vittoriano (Sacconi Gallery) where restored rooms previously closed to the public. Also, the architecture of the monumental building is now well visible. The Vittoriano is not only a container but part of the exhibition itself.

One single ticket let you visit the two sections and the panoramical elevator at the Vittoriano together with the amazing view from the terrace of one of the most beautiful Rome corner.

VOICE: Maria Pia De Vito
PIANO: Julian Oliver Mazzariello
CONTRABASS: Enzo Pietropaoli
DRUMS: Alessandro Paternesi

A light choreography builds a virtual bridge between the two palaces. A light in the middle of the Vittoriano brights after sunset. It stands for the brightness of knowledge, the light of culture and intelligence. It calls the public to take part in the event and to appreciate masterpieces in the two monuments.

Friday 16 February 9 o’clock p.m.
Gershwin Moods – the two faces of the American genius -“Gershwin Quintet”

Concert entrance subject to availability.
Full € 10,00
Reduces € 5,00
Free entrance:
Info +39 06 32810
(from Monday to Friday 9 – 18 and Saturday 9 – 13)


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