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Carlo Infante is changemaker, freelance professor of Performing Media, cultural designer, founder of Urban Experience and screenwriter for future resilience.

Carlo Infante is President and Managing Director of Urban Experience, opinion leader and freelance professor of Performing Media in universities, academies, other education, and training centers where the trend is to interpret innovation through the social and cultural use of the new media. In the 1980s, he directed important festivals such as “Scenari dell’Immateriale”, he was anchor (and author) of different radio programs on Radio1 and Radio3, as well as TV anchorman of “Mediamente.scuola” on RAI3 and “Salva con Nome” on RAInews24 (in 2009). On the occasion of the Turin Olympic Games in 2006, he created web formats – such as “geoblog” (which allowed to write histories on geographies far ahead of GoogleMaps) – which express the creativity tensions of social innovation on the ground (e.g. on the occasion of Performing Media Lab in Salento, “La Notte della Taranta”, and in Piedmont within “Bene Confiscato alle Mafie”). He has also been in charge of a wide variety of projects on cultural and anthropological shifts brought about by the evolution of technology. He is author of “Educare on line” (1997, Netbook), “Imparare giocando” (Bollati Boringhieri, 2000), Edutainment (Coop Italia, 2003), “Performing Media. La nuova spettacolarità della comunicazione interattiva e mobile” (Novecentolibri, 2004), “Performing Media 1.1 Politica e poetica delle reti” (Memori, 2006) and many other essays and articles for different magazines and newspapers (including recently for NOVA-Sole24ore, Tiscali and L’Unità for the monthly UniTag). He is among the promoters of the “Stati Generali dell’Innovazione” (The States-General of Innovation).