As early as the mid 19th century, this theatrical event was a fun, transgressive event.
A parody of the history of the time that made fun of Victorian characters, culture and literature.
Masquerading with heavy and goliardic aesthetics was an utterly feminine thing and only women were interpreters of it…….. to this day!
At the Ivelise Theatre an evening was staged that was cute, funny and above all highly artistic, yes but what are you asking about? Of Boylesque, that is, burlesque performed by men.

Originality is guaranteed, goliardic, tender, never vulgar, comical; in short, there are all the ingredients for a truly unique evening.
The male performers Velvet Lacroix is Emanuele Sisillo and he is the character who tells the stories and interprets the evening’s madam, the dancers and performers Matisse Royale is Matteo D’Alessio and Ritto Wanderlust is Rogério Costa, who with great irony and grace dance and sing, with some captivating acrobatics, in my opinion exceptionally good in their interpretations.
Not to be outdone by the direction and dialogue of Brenda Monticone Martini, a fantastic but above all courageous director of the evening

Although burlesque at the beginning of the last century went from being a fun and goliardic spectacle to a show with nudity and vulgarity this evening never crossed the line of pleasure, decency and sympathy.

Margherita Marika Bonanno in art Lola Lustrini

It is worth mentioning that at the Ivelise Theatre there is a high-level Burlesque school, run by Margherita Bonanno aka Lola Lustrini. Anyone wishing to approach this type of show can contact the theatre itself. Bear in mind that this type of art is not only fun but also takes the mind into worlds that are sometimes precluded by common mental standards, helping to release energies and pleasure that often remain repressed.

Thanks are certainly due to Belinda Romiti for introducing us to new theatrical boundaries.


Teatro Ivelise
Via Capo d’Africa 8/12 Roma
Tel: (+39) 0689527016

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