Camerata Nuova in Lazio. Photographs of a trekking excursion a stone’s throw from Rome

Is there such a thing as the perfect day? Maybe so. Maybe the one last Saturday above Camerata Nuova, in the province of Rome.

The village, which is situated inside the Monti Simbruini regional natural park, rises at 810 m above sea level on Mount Colle di Mezzo on the eastern border of Lazio with Abruzzo, at the entrance of the Fioio valley surrounded by woods. It marks the geographical border of the upper Aniene valley with Marsica.

Camerata Nuova is a small Italian town in the metropolitan city of Rome Capital, in the Lazio region. In the southern-eastern part of the municipal territory there is Mount Autore, the third highest peak of the Simbruini mountains. Another relief is Mount La Monnella, which reaches about 1,755 metres above sea level. Climbing southwards from the town you reach the karst plateau of Camposecco at an altitude of 1350 metres.

The day is bright, windless and warm just the right foliage the ruins of Camerata Vecchia more bewitching than ever.
Camposecco is particularly cinematic and the lunch stop is dry and sunny, the company is on the move.


The shots of many inspired photographers

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