FOTO ©Around The Walk – Roma Perpignan ATW_2014

More than 400 km of walking path, through 4 regions and 56 municipalities of Italy, for a month of walking to discover some of the most beautiful places of the entire peninsula. It is Beyond Tiber, an artistic and cultural itinerary to discover, tell and map, through a photographic documentation of the walk, unpublished places rich in history and nature crossed by the sovereign river of the Eternal City.

Oltre Tevere is designed by Sarah Carlet and Arianna Catania of PhotoTales – an organization that works in the promotion of culture and photographic practice – and is promoted by Kristin Jones, artist creator of the famous mural Triumph & Laments by William Kentridge on the banks of the river Tiber, under the patronage of the Central Apennine Basin Authority, ENIT and Legambiente, together with the Tiber Farfa Nature Reserve and the municipalities of Verghereto, Pieve di Santo Stefano, Sansepolcro, Marsciano, Civitella del Lago, Baschi and Alviano.

From September 5 to October 4, 2020 the author photography and slow tourism to discover the unpublished places along the sovereign river of the eternal city: Pietro Vertamy and Ilaria Di Biagio, Marco Saverio Loperfido, Claudia Gori, Marco Zorzanello, Giuseppe Chiantera, Claudia Borgia.

Protagonists of the walk are a group of professional photographers including Pietro Vertamy and Ilaria Di Biagio, very well known in the world of tourism “on the road” with the collective they founded under the name of Around The Walk, a wandering laboratory of artistic and cultural projects that combines different forms of art – from photography to illustration, from writing to music and performing arts – with the creation of new itineraries to be traveled exclusively on foot. With them, each for a specific part of the route, there will be the photographers Claudia Gori, Marco Zorzanello, Giuseppe Chiantera and Claudia Borgia.


FOTO ©Around The Walk – Fotoleggendo Walk Roma 2016

Under the banner of slowness as a value, animated by the spirit of environmental protection and investigation of the landscape, the group will be assisted by Pietro Vertamy who will guide anyone who wants to join the walk – photographers, artists or travelers-strong experience of those who for years have traveled long distances on foot, in search of the sensations of this particular and ancient way of travel sensitizing to the mode of sweet enjoyment and local economies.

On the social science side, the protagonist will be Marco Saverio Loperfido, documentary filmmaker and visual sociologist, environmental hiking guide (AIGAE), known to have experimented – for the first time in Italy – the path as a device for recovery and reintegration, accompanying six prisoners at the end of their sentence, in a 900 km walk from Rome to Santa Maria di Leuca. A project that has become the TV docuserie, “Boez – Andiamo via”, aired last year in prime time on Rai 3. Loperfido, creator and curator of the project and site, partner of Oltre Tevere, will guide the journey from Todi to Civitella del Lago on September 17.

From Monte Fumaiolo – starting point on Thursday, September 5 – in the extreme south of Romagna near the summit of which at 1268 m above sea level. m where there is the source of the “sacred river to the destinies of Rome, to the banks of the Idroscalo di Ostia, passing through Sansepolcro (AR), Città di Castello (PG), and Umbertide (PG), the beautiful landscapes of the lakes of Montedoglio and Corbara, the naturalistic oasis of Alviano just to mention a few stops, Beyond Tiber will be a travel experience to be lived with new rhythms, respecting the environment and landscape and discovering typical gastronomic and less known places, where natural and cultural resources can be discovered and rediscovered giving life to new experiences.

Around The Walk – Bassa Atesina 2016

Authors and artists involved will give back, each from his own personal point of view, a privileged look at the most evocative places encountered during the journey through a photographic documentation available on the Instagram channel and then on the Oltre Tevere website.

In the wake of their journey, a georeferenced mapping will be carried out, which will be made available online on the website and, partner of the project, in order to make the route accessible.

The project will also be presented on the occasion of the Tiber Day on Sunday, October 4, 2020, with an event at the Marevivo boat, followed by an archaeological walk led by the CCPAS Association and Around The Walk in some sites near the Tiber River.

A project of: PhotoTales, in collaboration with: Eternal Tiber, Around The Walk, Ammappalitalia. Under the patronage of: District Basin Authority of the Central Apennines, ENIT, Legambiente, Tevere Farfa Nature Reserve and the Municipalities of Verghereto, Pieve di Santo Stefano, Sansepolcro, Marsciano, Civitella del Lago, Baschi, Alviano

Media Partner: Lonely Planet Magazine Italy

With the support of: Cà Solare, Free University of Alcatraz, Casette di Gloria, Meridiana, Ecotourism Tevere Farfa, Cultural Association CCPAS, Spazio Corsaro

FOTO © Around-The-Walk Via degli Dei 2017



1st Stage, 05 September 2020 (1st day of walking)

from Monte Fumaiolo/Sorgente (FC) to Valsavignone (AR) > ca 19 km

Rendez-vous: in front of the memorial of the source of the Tiber River

2nd Stage, 06 September 2020 (2nd day of walking)

from Valsavignone (AR) – (via Montalone) to Pieve Santo Stefano (AR) > ca 21 km

Rendez-vous: Church of Saints Peter and Paul

3rd Stage, 07 September 2020 (3rd day of walking)

from Pieve Santo Stefano (AR) – (via San Pietro in Villa) – Sansepolcro (AR) > ca 16 Km

Rendez-vous: town hall of Pieve Santo Stefano, Piazza Pellegrini Plinio, 12, 52036 Pieve Santo Stefano AR

(4th DAY of Path, 08 September 2020: PAUSA A SAN SEPOLCRO)



4th Stage, 09th September 2020 (5th day of walking)

from Sansepolcro (AR) – (via Piosina) to Città di Castello (PG) > ca 20 Km

Rendez-vous: town hall of Sansepolcro, Via Giacomo Matteotti, 1, 52037 Sansepolcro AR

5th Stage,10 September 2020 (6th day of walking)

from Città di Castello (PG) – (via Promano and Montecastelli) to Umbertine (PG) > ca 30 Km

Rendez-vous: Town Hall Città di Castello, Piazza Gabriotti, 1, 06012 Città di Castello PG

Stage VI, September 11, 2020 (7th day of walking)

from Umbertine (PG) to Alcatraz (PG) > ca 15 Km

Rendez-vous: town hall of Umbertide, Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 1, 06019 Umbertide PG

7th Stage, September 12, 2020 (8th day of walking)

from Alcatraz to Perugia (PG) > ca 30 Km

Rendez-vous: Free University of Alcatraz, Friary of Santa Cristina, 53, 06024 Gubbio PG

(9th DAY, 13th September 2020: PAUSE IN PERUGIA)

8th Stage, September 14, 2020 (10th day of walking)

from Perugia (PG) – (Via Ponte San Giovanni and Torgiano) to Deruta (PG) > ca 17 Km

Rendez-vous: Cathedral of San Lorenzo, Piazza IV Novembre, 06123 Perugia PG

9th Stage, 15th September 2020 (11th day of walking)

from Deruta (PG) to Marsciano (PG) > ca 15 Km

Rendez-vous: Deruta Town Hall, Piazza dei Consoli, 15, 06053 Deruta PG

Stage X, September 16, 2020 (12th day of walking)

from Marsciano (PG) – (via Montemolino, Piano San Martino and Ponte Cuti) to Todi (PG) > ca 16 Km

Rendez-vous: Town hall Marsciano, Piazza dello Statuto, 1, 06055 Marsciano PG

11th Stage, September 17, 2020 (13th day of walking)

from Todi (PG) – (Via Ponte Cuti e Scoppieto) to Civitella del Lago (TR) > ca 21km

Rendez-vous: Town Hall of Todi, Piazza Umberto I, 1, 06059 Todi PG

12th Stage, September 18, 2020 (14th day of walking)

from Civitella del Lago (TR) to Baschi (TR) > ca 12Km

Rendez-vous: Ovo Pinto Museum, Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini, 9, 05023 Civitella del Lago TR

13th Stage, 19th September 2020 (15th day of walking)

from Baschi (TR) to Alviano (TR) > ca 13 Km

Rendez-vous: Town Hall of Basques, Town Hall Square, 1, 05023 Basques TR



14th Stage, September 20, 2020 (16th day of walking)

from Alviano (TR) to Bomarzo (VT) > ca 15 Km

Rendez-vous: in front of the entrance of the Castle of Alviano

(17th DAY of WALK, September 21, 2020: PAUSE IN KEY)

15th Stage, 22nd September 2020 (18th day of walking)

From Bomarzo (VT) to Orte (VT) > ca 23 Km

Rendez-vous: in front of the Monster Park, Garden locality

16th Stage, September 23rd, 2020 (19th day of walking)

from Orte (VT) to Wales in Teverina > ca 16 Km

Rendez-vous: Town Hall of Orte, Piazza del Plebiscito, 1, 01028 Orte VT

17th Stage, 24th September 2020 (20th day of walking)

from Gallese in Teverina (VT) – Ponzano Romano, Abbey of S.Andrea in Flumine (RM) > ca 26 Km

Rendez-vous: Welsh Town Hall, Piazza Duomo, 1, 01035 Welsh VT

18th Stage, 25th September 2020 (21st day of walking)

from Abbazia di S.Andrea in Flumine (RM) to Nazzano (RM) > ca 21 Km

Rendez-vous: of source at the entrance of the abbey, locality Monterone

(22/3/4/5° DAY of CAMMINO, 26-27-28-29 September 2020: PAUSA A NAZZANO for Nature Reserve)

19th Stage, 30th September 2020 (26th day of walking)

from Nazzano (RM) – Monterotondo (RM) > ca 18 Km

Rendez-vous: in front of the entrance of the River Museum, Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 4, 00060 Nazzano RM

20th Stage, 01 October 2020 (27th day of walking)

from Monterotondo (RM) to Roma/Labaro/Castel Giubileo > ca 18 Km

Rendez-vous: Town Hall of Monterotondo, Piazza Angelo Frammartino, 4, 00015 Monterotondo RM

XXI° Stage, 02 October 2020 (28th day of walking)

from Roma/Labaro/Castel Giubileo – Roma/Isola Tiberina > ca 15 Km

Rendez-vous: at the entrance of the bike path of Ponte Milvio, Via del Ponte di Castel Giubileo, 25, 00188 Roma RM

XXII° Stage, 03 October 2020 (29th day of walking)

from Rome / Tiber Island to Ponte Galeria (RM) > approx 24 km

Rendez-vous: Church of San Bartolomeo on the Tiber Island

XXIII° Stage, 04 October 2020 (30th day of walk)

From Ponte Galeria (RM) – (via Ostia antica) – Ostia/Foce del Tevere (RM) > ca 11 Km

Rendez-vous: Station Fs of Ponte Galeria

Also on October 4th is scheduled the presentation of the project at the Marevivo boat in Rome on the occasion of the Tevere Day event and an urban archaeological and photographic crossing organized with the association CCPAS and Around The Walk.

For the safety of all and in full compliance with the legal regulations indicated by the authorities, it is advisable to book online to manage and limit the flow of participants who will be required to wear the mask for the duration of the visit or to maintain a minimum safety distance.

Please note that participation will be guaranteed to all visitors, even for those who have not made the online booking.

for information and reservations:



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