Hippie Festival in the historic centre of Tarquinia: acrobatic and circus art, music, artistic handicrafts

Hippy culture is associated with the idea of the absence of prejudice, with flower children, braids, daisies, music, cheerfulness and above all with her, Lady Liberty, whom we must enjoy at this time with all due precautions.

An exciting event, in full compliance with all the safety regulations dictated by the health emergency: masks, distancing, prevention.

Festival Hippie, a small Woodstock in the historic centre of Tarquinia in total safety. Saturday and Sunday 12 and 13 June 2021 from 11.30 am to 11.45 pm Historical Centre of Tarquinia : Piazza Cavour, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Piazza Giacomo Matteotti

On 12 and 13 June 2021, the splendid historic centre of Tarquinia, a city of art, an Etruscan jewel of the Viterbo area, will host the Hippie Festival for the first time. The festival is strongly supported by the Viva Tarquinia Cultural Association, with the patronage of the City of Tarquinia and the support of the Municipal Administration.

The festival, which has an international flavour but an all-Italian heart, has been at a standstill for more than a year and a half due to the Covid pandemic, and will return to infect everyone with its genuine and sparkling atmosphere.

The Hippie Festival is a mix of emotions, sensations, colours and cultures.

Acrobatic and circus arts, music, arts and crafts, visual art, vintage, workshops, seminars, will involve and enchant every spectator.

The Festival celebrates the craftsmen, creatives and street artists who have never stopped believing in their projects and skills, children of flowers and art who have not lost their creativity during the health emergency.

One big showcase where different stories and experiences meet under the Tarquinia sky.

Piazza Cavour, Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Piazza Matteotti will be joined by numerous craftsmen and makers from all over Italy, ready to satisfy every taste and need.

Among the various stands there will be numerous Boho-chic collections, giving the public the chance to show off their bohemian soul: long, sinuous dresses, silk gypsy dresses, flower crowns for the head, flashy gypsy-style accessories with stones such as turquoise, and rigid, tinkling bracelets.
Classic outfits include crop tops, denim shorts, tank tops accompanied by fringed jackets, white lace dresses, fringed and raffia bags, hair roses, whimsical jewellery and embroidery. But also objects for furnishing the home, lamps, wooden wall clocks, ceramic vases, hand-painted tables and chairs, and designer ceramic articles for smokers.


The pride of the artists is Atelier Rouge with its gigantic decorative lamps and flower sculptures, made from plastic, hand-moulded petal by petal.

Among the exhibitors is Filo.sofia “fabrics and colours that develop serotonin”, a journey through Indian and Afro cultures that come together to sew together, resulting in turbans and tailored skirts to enhance the beauty of every woman.

But also wheels, chains, bicycle gears, telephones found in rubbish dumps or abandoned that have been recycled and reused to create incredible lighting points and transformed into chandeliers and lamps by LIAM, thus transmitting the ecological culture of recycling to children.

IMPERO a.d. MMXX a young Brand born from the encounter between a brilliant blacksmith and a creative designer, bring a praise to the ancient imperial art, set in handcrafted iron and mosaic furnishing accessories.

“Intwotheart”, words and drawings on t-shirts, canvases, furnishing objects,

“Roberta Muzi Kimoni”, a talented young designer who brings together Japanese sophistication with Italian elegance and lifestyle.

It’s a different kind of music with Tiziana Di Trolla’s DiSco BAGs made from recycled vinyl records.

Luma Glamour will present the beautiful Tolfe, original models worn by students in the 1970s, handcrafted on the Tolfa Mountains to celebrate Italian excellence and pride.

Nella bottega delle mille pietre proposes jewellery and accessories, also for brides, inspired by nature, handmade with the ancient wire technique, and Les Petits Love proposes delightful Mother and Daughter creations.

Ventisei10 is a project by Deborah D’Ascenzi, created with the aim of capturing moments of life and moods through photography.

Sempreagirobijoux and Vetriciclando will be showing off their resin bijoux, lamps and glasses made from the re-use of liquor, wine and beer bottles in a 1967 Volkswagen van.


A charming and cosmopolitan environment where you can also buy second-hand and vintage items of all kinds: clothing, jewellery, suitcases, bags, brooches, shoes, surfboards, original 70s bottle openers…

Wheels & Boards with unique and unobtainable pieces from the late 1960s, including surfboards, original motorbike leather belts, skateboards transformed into furniture items, lamps made from rum wood crates, bottle openers, and ingenious Cafe Racer trays transformed into lamps.


During the two days in Piazza Cavour, a journey into the sounds and colours of the world: extemporaneous paintings by Street Artist Davide Petro, who will transform his camper into a giant canvas that will take on a thousand different faces, accompanied by the improvised sounds of multi instrumentalist Alessandro Scintu, hangdrum, santoor, didjeridoo, wind instruments, Arab and African percussion united in a magical fusion.


The Shape Company opens the live performance section on Saturday 12 June from 6 p.m. with their breathtaking numbers of aerial acrobatic dance, verticalism, popping, acrobalance, electric boogie, for an amazing performance.

One of the most eagerly awaited street artists is Federica Fattori aka Evaq, with “Dimmi di si”, a comic magic, clown and eccentric acrobatic show.

Closing each evening is Godie’s great fire and magic show “L’uomo di cartapesta” (The papier-mâché man).

On Sunday 13 June from 7 p.m. the public will be able to enjoy the wonderful musical show of the “Caracca tamburi itineranti”, which in a carnivalesque and popular context offers a Brazilian repertoire inspired by the music of Salvador, Recife and Rio, with their drums clanging like a running train.

WORKSHOPS AND PHOTO SETS FOR CHILDREN organised by the social promotion association Strade Diffuse (Sunday 13 June)

In the creative workshop of Strade Diffuse, children will learn how to assemble a polystyrene box on their own, colour it and plant a wonderful little plant in it. The workshop leader will prepare a personalised mini banner to be inserted in the box using a big shot in real time… art, creativity and independence are the ingredients for a unique recipe.

Children will also be able to immerse themselves in the enchanted world of the magical forest, in a child-sized scenographic set where they will be transformed into gnomes and fairies and their parents will be able to capture the moment directly from their mobile phones…

Joy, fun, transformation!

Workshops and Seminars (Saturday and Sunday)

Even the Etruscans gave numbers, a workshop on Etruscan Sacred Numerology, its origins, rites, symbols and archetypes, but also reading the Soul Compass, past lives and oracle Akashic Records by Daniela Gianni.

Seminars on essential oils in cooking, in summer, in self-massages, and linked to emotions, organised by the Elisir di Giada.

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