Dogs and cats at home: change of season attention to pests in autumn

Autumn can be a bearer of different diseases, even for humans. Colds, bronchitis and pneumonia strike right this season. In the first cold it is better to cover our friends by keeping them at home during the coldest hours.

During the autumn we also witness the change of fur and just to cope with the cold winter days. In this period it is recommended to brush our friends often in order to limit the loss of hair at home and to stimulate the growth of the new.

Taking care of the health of your pets at home always implies a commitment, and above all, during the change of season.

The Order of Veterinary Physicians of Rome province declares that the transition from heat to cold should not be neglected, indeed with climate change it is always appropriate to provide a small veterinary check-up, in order to assess the state of vaccinations and provide for monitoring of his general health conditions.

During the summer it is possible that trips and travels with our animal could have exposed it to disease carriers. For example, Leishmaniosis or Filariosis, potentially dangerous diseases, must be identified and treated in good time before they can manifest themselves in their full pathogenicity.

From the holidays you could also be back with unwelcome guests such as parasitic agents (in particular intestinal), unwanted guests but easily disposable after a parasitological screening.

In view of an increasingly aware and responsible possession of animals screening and prevention must become the watchwords of the careful owners. Only the veterinarian, or a qualified professional, will be able to direct the owners in the right direction, avoiding potential health risks, intercepting in time any subclinical pathologies or incubation, ultimately safeguarding our friend from potentially serious problems.

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