Global Tiger Day

July 29th 2018 is the Global Tiger Day, the International Day dedicated to the Tiger.

The Global Tiger Day was launched during the last Chinese year of the tiger (2010), by the leaders of the 13 countries of the Tiger range and by the NGOs working to protect these beautiful animals from extinction. Together, these advocates of wild tigers decided that within the next year of the tiger (2022), the focus should be doubling their global population, which at the time was estimated to be in the region of 3200.

Last year he scored the half-way point of this ambitious plan; and while the tigers have returned to roar in some areas, the poachers and the devastating destruction of the habitat are still threatening the populations. We face this type of wildlife crime, and support anti-poaching units so that they can begin activities that reduce the poaching of tigers and their prey in protected areas and buffer zones.

Anti-poaching units fight all forms of poaching and other threats, including illegal land removal. In Sumatra, your support has led to the lowest level of pitfalls of tigers to be defined since 2008. This Tiger Day 2018, when you through WildCats Conservation Alliance, 100% of your donation will go to projects in the forefront by doing the biggest difference.

In occasion of the international day of the tiger, the Rome Biopark organizes meetings with the staff at the exhibit of tigers to discover, features and curiosity about these beautiful cats at serious risk of extinction. Why does the tiger have stripes? What does he eat and how to hunt his prey? How does a tiger to be white? What can be done to contribute to its protection? In particular:

    From 11.00 to 12.00: a meeting with the guardians of the department that will tell curiosities and anecdotes about the tigers guests of the Biopark and their habits;
From 15.00 to 18.00: an educational operator available to families and children to answer all the curiosities and unveil the biological characteristics of the tigers.

The day is part of the international day of the tiger, now in its eighth edition, and is designed to raise awareness on the causes that threaten not only the tiger, but many other species of cats, and raise funds to be allocated to projects conservation in nature.

The Rome Biopark for tigers
The Bioparco di Roma hosts two young Sumatran tiger specimens, of which about 400 specimens survive in the wild, and participates in the European conservation program for the species called EEP (European Endangered species Program).
In addition, the Bioparco supports the British association “Wild Cats Conservation Alliance” collecting funds to be allocated to conservation projects for the protection of tigers in the wild. To contribute to the fundraising, you can use the piggy bank in the area that houses the animals. The association, created in collaboration with the Zoological Society of London, manages 73 projects in 13 countries, making use of the precious support of zoological structures at the international level, fundamental supports for the conservation of endangered species.

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