Back as every year the free concert New Year at the Circus Maximus.

The New Year’s Eve match the night between December 31 and January 1, New Year’s Day itself. On the evening of 31 December, the Italian President reads the traditional televised year-end in which, in addition to greeting Italians, takes the opportunity to discuss key political and social issues of the past year and make wishes for the new year. Generally, the message will be broadcast live to unified networks from 20:30 and its duration usually lasts between 15 and 30 minutes.

And tradition me up for the dinner only after listening to the wishes of the president, an opulent dinner usually much that is generally called dinner”.

capodanno-2015_Roma_circo-massimoAfter dinner in the charming setting of Ancient Rome music lovers and worldliness will honor a great Palco at the Circus Maximus, one of the night‘s Eve, where we will find five protagonists of Italian and international music scene: Spiritual Front, Gemitaiz & Madman, Mannarino, Subsonica, Daddy 0G (Massive Attack).

They open the long night of music, at 21.30, Spiritual Front, called tip of alternative scene, followed by the performance of the pair of rappers Gemitaiz & Madman, young emerging on the Italian hip hop scene.

The concert continues with Mannarino, songwriter new generation but stated that accompanies viewers until midnight. The music stops just long enough for the countdown and toast the new year with the artists and the mayor of Rome Ignazio Marino.

More live music, after midnight, with Subsonica and, to celebrate into the night, the stage passes to a senior” of DJ sets, Daddy G, ie Grantley Grant” Marshall, a founding member of Massive Attack.

Starting from 22 concertone the New Year at the Circus Maximus was broadcast live on Radio 1 Rai, media partner of the event.

The concert, free as every year, is promoted by Roma Capitale in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, and organized by Zètema Culture Project.


The New Year 2015 in Rome, however, is also celebrating the Roman Forum with the Swing Vintage Circus Party, musical journey through time between the 30s and the 60s, created by the collective of Swing Circus.Il Roman group for a night transforms via dei Fori Imperiali in a “swing street”, along the lines of the Fifty-second street in New York.

capodanno-2015_Roma_circo-massimo_sweetTwo stages off Corrado Ricci and the Altar of the Fatherland with orchestras and DJs, dancers of Lindy Hop (swing dance) and professional dancers. A marching band parading around the holes, the performers dance involving the public in a real show, the clown of the group Patatrak professionals Kaos!” Play with children to music and street entertainment. In the background, projections on the facades of buildings of historical film footage of the Swing Era.

  From 20 to 22 dancing in the street. The Vacuna‘s Jazz Band, touring sextet, opens the festival with a street parade on the notes Creole King Oliver and Louis Armstrong, traditional songs Street” of Storyville prohibitionist. On the two stages, DJ sets 100% swing with Dj Duke, Lucie Q Djette and social dance lindy hop dancers in dance involving passersby.

22 to start the live on stage: Altar of the Fatherland, the orchestra Workers Massimo Nunzi sounds great classics of swing, rhythm & blues, soul, to funky and rock’n’roll; the performer of the Society in Motion Opificio, directed and choreographed by Diana Florindi, dance to the music of the orchestra. The Swing Valley Band of Giorgio Cuscito performs, instead, on the stage of wide Corrado Ricci with a repertoire of great jazz classics of the popular ’30s and’ 40s, recreating in the urban context the golden era of ballroom swing, while the dancers of Lindy Hop reproduce the dances of the era.

The festival also has a “master of ceremonies” the singer swing Piji that with the megaphone inviting passersby to move between different areas of the festival.

A troupe made a video report of the event to tell the longest night of the year (by UNCUT Marco Castaldi and Peter Giampietro).

At midnight you can not miss the fireworks.

  the program

to 20 on the two stages

            Pre show: music with DJ sets and dancers + marching band (itinerary tbd)

            kids area (in front of the hole traiano): clown group patatrak professionals kaos!


at stage 22 Altar of the Fatherland: concert orchestra working

            off stage corrado curly: concert band swing valley

at midnight during the fireworks, dancers dance between the audience with streamers, confetti, soap bubbles and stars New Year


00:30 concerts on both the main stage (according to set)

01:30 dance music all night long with DJ set until closing (2am) with lucieq djette and dukedj console with sound swing, funk, soul, 60s revival and electroswing.



Born in Turin in 1996, meeting between Max Casacci and Samuel Romano, in addition Boosta keyboards, Ninja on drums, and Pierfunk on bass, replaced by Vicio in 1999. Much loved by even the most gi Ovani, have racked concerts albums and sold out at the top of the sales charts. Their latest album A ship in a forest(Universal Music, 2014) won the Golden Disk to a few weeks after. A new project for the band that has always managed to experiment involving a public constantly growing. in their music electronics, dub, dance and rock are mixed in a unique and original that is the SOUND of SUBSONICA, powerful and inimitable.


In 2008 he released his first album Bar of anger that he does arrive for the first time to Concertone May 1. In July of the same year he won the Giorgio Gaber and his record is a finalist in the Targa Tenco. In 2011 comes Supersantos, second disc of unreleased and in June he was invited by John Floris in studies of Ballarò live where he plays the reworked version of the theme song of the program. In 2012 he toured Italy with Supersantos tour, live recording from north to south sold out. It the 2013 acoustic tour Strings: concert for sun guitars, collecting a huge success everywhere. In May comes the third disc of unreleased Al Monte”, which won the Award for Best Independent Artist PIMI 2014 year, which is followed by a to ur hugely successful gathering an audience of nearly 50,000 people.

DADDY G (Massive Attack)

Grant Marshall, A.K.A. Daddy G, can be considered a spiritual father of Bristol sound” that has conquered the world with the trip hop. And the sound that oozes dark dub, reggae, funk, disco and hip hop, represented by prot agonists as Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead, Smith & Mighty. A style that has left its mark in the world for over two decades. Daddy G is a spiritual father of that mood because it was one of the founders of the Wild Bunch Sound System, from which they are nat ii Massive Attack. Along with Mushroom and 3 D, Daddy G was one of the founders of the band and the main voice. Very even before being part of a band, Daddy G was known as DJ. In 1980 he was one of the youngest dj of Bristol and his DJ sets are legendary divas ntati.


Both born in 1988, begin their artistic young. The duo of rapper that comes from the underground sound, technique and flow their unique traits and distinctive public in 2012 mixtape HaterProof’ (H arshTimes / HoniroLabel) and the EP Said Done(HarshTimes), for days topped the iTunes charts. In 2013 they released their first official album solo Gemitaiz The One Compromise“, debuting on the 2nd place in the same year FIMI.Nello But dman public free download the mixtape MM Vol.1with over 150 thousand downloads in just first week. Their latest album KEPLER” (So much stuff / Universal Music Italy), released last May, reached Disco D’oro to two months from publication ion.


Born in 2000, Spiritual Front are Simone Salvatori (vocals, guitar, and founder of the group), Federico Amorosi (ex bassist historical Daemonia Claudio Simonetti, bass), Andrea Freda (drums), Giorgio Maria Condemi (who tarre ). The band has a unique style, between the folk scene / gothic and one of alternative rock, and a sound / visual vintage with continual references to Italian cinema auteur. The album Armageddon Gigolo2006 consecrates them among the best groups of alternatives to the scene. The band participates, among other things, to the soundtrack of the series Las Vegas and the film Saw II The riddle (with the song The Gift of Life).


PIJI CEREMONIES (New Orleans style) and PRESENTER: Songwriter swing, electroswing and radio presenter of Radio Città Futura, artistic director of TorBellaMusica 2014/2015. Piji is the young songwriter‘s most awarded Italy, appreciated by Fiorell oe Vasco Rossi, has more than 500 concerts, participation as a guest at the Premio Tenco and collaborations with Adele. He has performed at the Rome Jazz Festival, Umbria Jazz, Jazz Verona, Blue note of Milan, Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival, House of Jazz, Auditorium Parco della Musica. His essay musical The song jazzy“, with a preface by Stefano Bollani, won the 2008 International Festival of music book in Sanremo.

Patatrak professionals Kaos! Patatrak was founded in 2009 from an idea of Valentino Rossi, actor and clown, as a theater group and entertainment thanks to the encounter between different entertainers. The company offers a repertoire of proposals aimed at all, suitable for all audiences, such as young people, children, adults, adults children, young people the elderly, infants in the growth phase and the embryos of all age. The children in their area will be greeted by clowns dancing: Clo Passaro aka C LOCAUHETTE, Priscilla Girometta in art PRISCINTILLA, Martina Calves in art PIN and Andrea Di Cosimo in art PHILIP ETIL. The company accepts children with music and involves them in various activities: real street entertainment with performances of ach or kind, including dance, clown, juggling.

VACUNA‘S JAZZ BAND Marching Band – Band was founded in 2002 by Bruno Castracucchi, known jazz clarinetist Roman area. The band in the style of small orchestras that met in the streets of New Orleans and has the prerogative to entertain, engage and entertain the audience with music and entertainment. Present in many public and private events also a social purpose. Education: Giuseppe De Simoni, trumpet and cornet, Raffaele Gaiz or, clarinet and soprano sax, Sergio Saudelli, trombone, Fausto Cup, tuba, Alberto Pezza, banjo, Cristiano Rossi, drums and washboard.

ORCHESTRA OPERAIA testing laboratory designed by Massimo Nunzi c he involves veterans and young professionals in the world of jazz, not only musicians but also arrangers and conductors. The Orchestra performs every time with the special participation of artists from every genre of music. The result is the pro duction of arrangements entirely original (to date have built 25 repertoires in a year). The prerogative of the Workers” is to fight the crisis with doing, in a time when there is little room for the ensemble and art; the orchestra as pe rfetta society, where everyone works for the common good and earn equanimemente here is the spirit of the project. The ensemble, for New Year’s Eve, will play the great American big band, which, by the ’30s in New York, were dancing white and African Americans on the wild rhythm of the swing until you get consistently philological repertoires funky, soul and rock’n’roll, the orchestras of Woody Herman, Stan Kenton, Maynard Ferguson and retracing the most famous songs of the 50s, 60s and 70s. The Orcas stra for the occasion consists of 19 elements. The Workers Orchestra collaborates with Swing Circus, attended the Rome Jazz Festival Swing & New Dealand is the protagonist of the short Kato Blepa who won the race between videomaker, launched it in sectional Reporter the theme: The Great Beauty Made in Italy“.

Direction: Massimo nuncios; HORNS: Sergio Vitale, Francis Slow, Fabio Morgera, Alessandro di Bonaventura; TROMBONES: Enzo De Rosa, Luca Giustozzi, Walter Fantozzi, Roberto Pecorelli; Saxes: Claudio Giusti, David Grottelli, Alessandro Tomei, Carlo Conti, Duilio Ingrosso; PLAN: Gianluca screeds; LOW: Lorenzo Feliciati; GUITAR: Manlio Maresca; BATTERY: Pierpaol or Ferroni; VOICE: Marta Capponi. Massimo Nunzi (conductor) Composer, arranger, musicologist and trumpeter. He has played and arranged for and with, Dizzy Gillespie, Chet Baker, Umberto Bindi, Domenico Modugno, Dave Liebman, Don Cherry, Enrico Rava, Peppe Servillo, Corrado Guzzanti, John Cage, Tino Sehgal (Golden Lion Venice Biennale 2013) Peppe Servillo, Claude Barthelemy, Agnes Jaoui, Olivier Benoit et al. She began writing for orchestra in 1987 conducting the Orchestra of the RAI to 25 years and of the worker before he founded Red Trumpets, considered by many a revolutionary training, in which they played a lot of jazz masters, from Lester Bowie Don Moye, Javier Girotto, Horacio Hernandez, et al.L’Operaia is his new creation, born in January 2014.

SWING VALLEY BAND The orchestra, led by the charismatic George Cuscito, recreates the atmosphere of the famous local jazz street in Harlem: the Cotton Club, the Savoy, the Paramount. The repertoire is isp irate that of big band that played for dancers of swing jazz in America. A unique opportunity to hear live music of old 78 rpm records of Duke Ellington, Jimmy Lunceford, Chick Webb, Count Basie, Louis Jordan, Cab Calloway: a real Harlem Renaissance“! The music of the Swing Valley Band proposing the most famous songs of the Age of Swing, touches the strings more viewers: from the youngest to the biggest, infecting the listeners in captivating rhythms and lindy hoppers in wild dancing and light-hearted. The Band is present in the national and internazioni Festival dedicated to the world of swing. In Rome recently trod the stage at the Teatro Torlonia for the show “Sunday Morning Swing”. Giorgio Cuscito, direction, arrangements, tenor sax; Mario Caporilli, trumpet; Ferdy Coppola, tenor sax and vocals; Gino Cardamone, guitar; Alberto Antonucci, bass; Fabiano Giovannelli, battery; Monica Gilardi, voice. Giorgio Cuscito pianist, saxophonist, vibrafonist to, arranger and composer, is one of the leading exponents of Italian jazz mainstream and traditional. He has participated in numerous festivals and concerts of thousands of national and international importance. E among the most active musicians of the jazz scene and swi ng Roman. Good dancer swing, are actively to the dissemination and popularization of the Lindy Hop and its effective integration with jazz music; is the promoter of Nuccia Swing Lab in Rome, center of attraction for musicians of all levels, to be concerned to deepen the specific techniques and conceptions of Swing and Jazz Classic. Cuscito was awarded the title of Ambassador of Swing in Romeby the community in the capital, during the Rome Jazz Festival 2014.

DJ DUKE: Lucio Ughi is technical director of the musical Swing Circus, DJ, musician and dancer. DJ Duke was imposed in the Roman music scene in early 2000 when the swing in Ialia had just entered the dance halls. Teacher and dancer of Lindy Hop, is one of the spokespersons of the West Coast Swing in Italy. Resident DJ of the evening the group Swing Circus deals with musical selections, from the Swing Era to electro swing. He is the curator of the sound design for audiovisual projects Swing Circus ..

LUCIE DJETTE Q: Soul of hundreds of gigs in clubs and festivals of swing with DJ sets ranging from the classics, they were doing crazy Lindy hoppers at the Savoy, the new sounds of the streets of New Orleans. He is co – founder of Swingaddicted, project dissemination and sharing of folk dances and music of the Swing Era.

MOVING COMPANY OPIFICIO Professional dancers graduates in the most prestigious dance academies Italian, protagonists of national and inter national tour. A direct them Florindi Diana, Choreographer and Artistic Director of Swing Circus, professional dancer (graduate of the Academy of Dance in Rome), directs the Center for professional dance Opificio Rome where he teaches contemporary dance and Lindy H op. Collaborate with the world of film and television.

LINDY HOPPERS (swing dancers) Dancers and teachers of schools in Rome Lindy Hop hired to engage in the performance of their students and community members swing of the capital and beyond. In addition to teaching at the event will realize some choreography including for example: Shim Sham; Big Apple; L i n dy Chorus; Social dance (exam ple of social dance in the evenings swing). UNCUT Marco Castaldi and Peter Giampietro, film makers and directors of The Charleston Rome. Marco Castaldi: Graduate in Directing at NUCT International School of Film and Television, is now director of music videos, commercials, short films and reportage and assistant director and casting of films for cinema and television. Peter Giampietro: filmmaker, worked alongside television writers, and turn video clips, commercials and reportage. A graduate of the preserved rio music of Cosenza and the Academy of Cinema Griffith2000 Rome.

THE FORMAT SWING CIRCUS Swing Circus was founded in 2012 by a group of young professionals in the capital who has fielded its own specific skills to disclose a pass common ion: the swing. The music and the dancing jazz related to the ’30s and’ 40s (Charleston, Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Shag, Tap Dance, etc.) that for some years the world has rediscovered in a more contemporary. The group’s objective is to point to a cultural renaissance that lays the foundation philosophy swing; to swing swinging means yes, but also take things the right way.” The format combines creativity, dance, music culture, fun and socializing and is well represented by ev bodies made in recent years including The Charleston Rome (videoclip on swing dancing in Rome used by Roma Capitale to promote tourism fairs in the past), collaboration for the New Year 2014 Rome Sweet Home, performance on the red carpet at the International Film Festival of Rome, the organization of exclusive events for Cinema Foundation and the partnership with the Rome Jazz Festival 2014.

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