“Candies” the song not admitted to Sanremo 2019!

Among the large ones excluded from Sanremo 2019 there is the song “Caramelle”, which Pierdavide Carone and Dear Jack had presented for this new 2019 edition of the Sanremo Festival.”Do not accept sweets from strangers”, and ‘a popular saying, which precludes a form of solicitation for minors by ill-intentioned people … and this is precisely the theme that sparked a storm on Sanremo, with the exclusion from the race !

The authors of the song speak of censorship, gagging to music!But in reality nobody knows why the piece in question has been eliminated from the singing contest, by the Artistic Director Claudio Baglioni.The piece is very catchy and radio-like, and is a typically Sanremese piece, with a burning and very current social theme!The only negative is that now, this song seems to be taking a political turn … because the Minister of the Family Fontana, has taken the defenses of the two singers siding against Baglioni and shouting to the plot!It is unlikely that a Minister like Fontana, who follows a hard line towards many social issues such as homophobia and gay marriages, of which he is the most bitter adversary in Italy!

Now he feels suddenly involved in the fight against pedophilia, in favor of a song excluded from Sanremo! The fact remains that the piece is beautiful and the theme deserves visibility … so that beyond the ‘political and various polemics, we at Rome Central want to enhance the music as sublimated and apolitical art and offer you listening of the song in question: “Candy” with his music video clip! Good vision to everyone and everyone freely expresses his judgment!

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