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Merumalia_wine_resort_FrascatiYour house is your larger body. It grows in the sun and sleeps in the stillness of the night; and it is not dreamless
(Kahlil Gibran)

Is the dawn of a Sunday in August. I woke up this morning with the smell of coffee and the first thing I did was smile before getting up. I have always been sure that a house without scents of food and a bottle of wine, or a house without life.
Home is the smell of bread, freshly baked cookies, apple pie, canning of eggplant in olive oil and vinegar, the homemade gnocchi, your father tells you that respect for agriculture or scent of your mother, you spray before you go out. Is the smell of coffee that mumbles in the morning on the fire and become the soundtrack of your awakening. Is a good day with its sunrises and good night with the moon looking at you and you with a glass of wine, watch the stars and express desires and watch your dreams. Is the hug and kiss before going to work and many more when you get back. Is the talk with her friends, the tears when something is wrong. Your island, your refuge, your life. Each of us remembers the home even if far away with its unmistakable fragrances. On Sunday the lasagna or the wine that reminds you when your with him, you watched a movie on the couch or returning after a day’s work, the music and the Goblet ready as welcome. It’s everything that you have lived, loved and hated. Many times for “House” does not mean four walls, but two arms and a beating heart. It’s a scent, a feeling, a moment, a “dejavu”, is immeasurable desire to stay there when you’re not there. But the truth is that is not always the place where one is born, then at some point you have to have courage, and abandon what they had to leave, to find their place in this world. It does not matter the age, count the dreams, the passion and the desire to live your life as you think should be lived. And so it was for Luigi Fusco and his family. Their house today is MERUMALIA Wine Resort. A Wine Resort a few kilometers from the capital, with a heavenly view. She takes your breath away to see Rome, the Vatican and the sea on the horizon. It stands on a hill at his feet you can admire the ancient “Regillo Lake” with its hectares of vineyards planted on volcanic soil. Those grapes which then end up in the wine in bottles of Frascati. Organic Farm today, futuristic tomorrow that of Luigi, who hopes to make this paradise Ecosustainable certified that at European level ..
We will come through challenges such as the use of renewable energy (SOLAR, THERMIC, BIOMASS, GEOTHERMAL), precision farming and with the completion of their ambitious ecological project: purify the process water in the company.
“Prime” vintage 2014 Frascati Superiore DOCG is home. Not the place but the memory that arouses the emotions that provokes and smells of my life. A light yellow color with light turns to gold, deposited in the glass arches on show leave their mark, like a man who goes away after a night of love and seeing his tie remember. So many tropical fruits, banana, pineapple and mango, yellow flowers, scents of a warm earth: the Frascati. So that you eventually find mineral on the palate, you wonder how an unexpected message that reading it makes you happy. You expect a wine softer and instead you contradicts entering direct and brash. On display is presented with its vegetable and mineral tones, its flavor, reminiscent of the sea. Long. Remember that you did not come for a few seconds, just long enough to say hello, but to have a chat with you because he wants to be known. Succeeding.
A house is also made of numbers: 11 hectares of land, 9 vocati to viticulture, about 10,000 bottles produced wine “Prime”. Grapes: Malvasia puntinata 70%, Greek (Grechetto) 20%, Bombino (10%). Total bottles produced 12500.
6 grape varieties planted, Merlot, Montepulciano, Malvasia dotted, Greek, Fiano and Bombino
2 dreams in the basement: a bubble and a cannellino, the latter tasting ready in a few months.
1 winemaker Lorenzo Costantini

Primo_Frascati Superiore_DOCG_2014 Merumalia

“You know, dear, you can always go around the world, to know wonderful places, meet and discuss with people of other cultures, but there is long and invisible thread that will tie you to me forever!”

Music combined with the wine:

Ella Eyre – Home

Food matched by the glass:
Put a night in the moonlight, you and she, a gricia and a glass of Prime.

Merumalia Wine Resort
Via di Prataporci, 8,
Frascati RM
Tel: +39 335 778 4095


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