One Life: Eremo Tuscolano Frascati Superiore DOCG 2013 – Azienda Agricola Valle Vermiglia

Eremo-Tuscolano_vino-wine_Frascati-Superiore_Lazio_tappoWe should be happy, to be precise we should be in love and happy. We should be all that sometimes we are not. We were born to be loved and to love. We should be born already loved. We should grow in most unconditional that the word itself means not restricted by any reservations or restrictive condition, with full absolute. I repeat several times: unconditional. Yet it … everything that I was taught the word unconditional stops on the “condition” that changes the love. A working situation, a state full of expectations, a life threatening condition. That transforms love into another.
I always thought that in life there are very few opportunities to meet the real love, little chance that someone loved each other unconditionally, even parents, are placing desires, hopes and dreams on their children, let alone love. I always wanted someone to love me, even if I was not doing well in school or I become a champion of tennis or a great dancer of Latin, I always wanted to think there was someone who was not interested in weight to the hair, to sweatshirts and wide wear long for home, to talk to the cats as if they could understand, how to use your hands while talking, making folk conversation, as only the Italians know how to do, in their hair with that silly hairstyle that are too ridiculous you, the sport dress at weddings and elegant to football games. So I always wanted to believe it. Why it was restrictive, in absolute absolutes. People want to be something else always to please others. And this is not love. Because if you do not love yourself for who you are, how could you love someone else? How could you love his faults than his virtues, or as you may love his bad moods most of his smiles, and finally how you want to live a life with another person completely different from how are you? And Eremo-Tuscolano_vino-wine_Frascati-Superiore_LazioI still believe that. Although each day that passes, I realize that it will be increasingly difficult to find one who loves you for who you are, the years dig deep wrinkles the soul that become increasingly sexy in my eyes, the most complicated in the eyes of others. Then there are the barriers that one builds without wanting to protect a soul happy but tired and the matter is closed. Dedicated and already configured to a life as a spinster: old movies and surrounded by cats. Apple pie on Sunday and tea with friends spinsters who had the misfortune to have parents like yours, which taught a set of values, and not least the principle of not being satisfied. So we just have to retire to a Eremo. But … there is a but, I quell’eremo of us just do a jump, because the life I want live otherwise. I on the Eremo Tuscolano I want to dwell there for just a glass of wine. For the rest I want to live life as I think best, I want to love, rejoice, cry if you must, I want to eat ice cream or vanilla to Malaga with double cream, I want to continue to eat pizza without any remorse of conscience, I want to drink good wines and I want to write, I want to visit Norway by bicycle via Denmark, I want to get a dog.
I want to love a great guy and I still want to do this more than mediocre, to understand when I find the right one, how wonderful. I want “one life” and want deservedly beautiful. Because waiting for the “HIM”, in the meantime I can make this amazing life. Starting from this cup of the wine drunk in a day in mid-August to watch the clouds on a carpet of figs. Eremo Tuscolano Frascati Superiore DOCG 2013 Valle Vermiglia Farm .
Straw yellow warm as a hug, with small greenish sighs and touches of gold if you look at the light. Arches, leaving copious tears slow, almost lazy, that they go to reach the wine in the glass. A wine with 13 degrees even when you hear the breaths. You can be discovered, even if it imposes his being with authorities. A carpet of yellow flowers will invest almost immediately, follows the melon that is not yet at the peak of his maturity, then citrus, visually find yourself when you live a field burned by the sun in July, his notes read smoky given away from the volcanic soil, then follows the herbaceous. You understand that wine is warm, full bodied and loved by those who did. Taste it with trepidation and discover that no mind. Togethers freshness, flavor and citrus fruits which were revealed to the nose. Mineral. Long. Sincere. He has nothing to hide, if you like you must love him so .. Here: unconditionally
“You know dear, my version of courtship is to watch someone I find attractive several times and hope that it is braver than me. The truth? A woman succumbs to the charms only to those who have already chosen ”

Music matched to glass:
James Morrison – One Life



Food matched by the glass:
Put an August day, a picnic with friends, laughter, a blanket, a wine coolers, a compote of octopus and anchovies and butter sandwiches and a cup of ‘Eremo Tuscolano.

Eremo-Tuscolano_vino-wine_Frascati-Superiore_LazioAzienda Agricola Valle Vermiglia
via Antonio Gramsci 7 – 00197 Roma

Telefono: +39 348 7221073

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