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Roma_Ostia_CapocottacapocottaAlways start with the little things. Movements, changes, adjustments, surprises, thoughts and many, many mea culpa, then you stop. She breathes deeply and you change. Fulguration. An ordinary Saturday, a scorching July. The Roman coastline. Capocotta. Colorful, multicolored, crowded. So loved by us “LOCAL”. Then an infinite number of tourists: Danish, Dutch, Belgian and some many Englishmen. Amazed. I wonder why they are here. The response between sips of wine and another was easy to find. Rome with its numerous and beautiful monuments, churches, museums, cathedrals, squares, gardens. With stunning views, with spectacular sunsets, with excellent food, among the things I remember that the 2015 edition of the Michelin starred restaurants in Rome consecrates 16 out of a total of 24 starred restaurants in Lazio. Of the 16 stands a three-star “La Pergola”. Here it is why! We made our city a masterpiece and even if sometimes mistreating, this old “Lady” a little ‘tired, still gives big smiles full of pride.
Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 presetIt is they, the foreigners when they ask you abroad: “Where do you live?” And you carelessly simply reply “Rome” you see them change. Begin to look with amazement, joy, love you just the thought that you can live here. These countless lovers of this territory, it would as soon as we remembered also for our wines and the picture would be perfect. We would be a step above the sky. Maybe even higher. We have a history of centuries made of conquests, wars, victories. I would like to win this dream of mine. Be producers of great wines, recognized for that too. Today the sea, tasting the Spumante Brut Charmat method of the winery Casale Mattia, Frascati DOC, I am conscious that we have the right weapons to do so. I realize the great economic and emotional commitment that we have in changing way of seeing and doing, that fathers or grandparents have bequeathed. However they are also aware that a the volcanic soil suited for great wines, then the strength and tenacity of these major producers, enologists, winemakers and the warm sun of this territory kissing him like a mother kissing a child to protection, will do the rest . This sparkling wine is the proof. Young, spirited, unconventional, far from trivial. Simple which makes it fascinating. Enters bubbling in the glass, like a wave breaking on the hot sand. Brilliant with a delicate and persistent perlage. A pale yellow elegant. Cool. Mineral and fruity. All while keeping a balance with its soft parts. Harmonious. Not edgier enters palatable by giving himself nicely without hide itself. Outspoken. Direct. The nose smells of candied citrus fruits, that haunts in part on the palate with an almond finish.
Speaking to Roberto Rotelli producer and owner of Casale Mattia, I discover that in just two years the production of Frascati Spumante DOC has increased by about triple, in 2013 it were produced in 2000, today the bottles came in 6000. In the Enoteca costs of EUR 9, excellent the value for money and at the time they taste it pleasure in nations like Britain and Germany. The Winemaker proponent of this bubble is Pietro De Sanctis. The Grapes used: was privileged Malvasia Laziale, the remainder divided into Malvasia di Candia, Grechetto, Trebbiano, Bombino and Bellone.
You know dear, I wanted to thank you. Today I brought you to the sea and you have been the perfect lover.

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Food matched by the glass: the sea and its reflection under an umbrella with a heart free soutè eating clams with garlic bread lightly toasted.

Casale Mattia Az. Agricola
Via Principe Amedeo 19/23 – 00044 Frascati (Roma)
Tel e fax: +39 069426249


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