Balance? The secret to a happy life


The world is a round ball slightly flattened at the poles. And being ball doing ? Rolls. ( Giorgio Gaber )

We’ll have to be in perfect balance, no imbalance, no hesitation. To be happy it needs balance. A studied balance, years of trials, months to fix the shot. Finding the right axis. The balance, the long-awaited happiness. You fall, we got up, we fall back again and we got up and taking steps to make us less harm any more time. Yet it is always a pain, continuous injuries . You care, they take the basins from those who have more experience than you, and it goes on. Until aware of what the balance, with a memory of the past you smile and understand. This is life and this is the Frascati wine DOC GOLD LABEL 2014 Cantina Pietra Porzia.
Vino_Wine_Frascati_doc_gold_label_2014_enologo_Michele_Russo  2Frascati a load, intense colors, a straw yellow with turns to gold. Smart moves in the glass leaving traces of themselves on the crystal, to remind you not to forget it’s there or it warm and then try again to 14 degrees of temperature as recommended. Because it is a wine that you remember with pleasure, remember the cold and icy as an independent woman or warm as a lover delicate. Shines its light. You look at him and say, “you have conquered stop looking at me like that.” A nose full of intense aromas of fruit, pear, peach, banana, then the mineral light as a feather, delicate never intrusive. Yellow flowers and grassy notes. To mind a field of wheat at sunset. The palate comes strong you do not expect. 12.5 degrees WINE. Fruity, mineral, kindly asking you to love him. A lover of yesteryear. You begin to appreciate every taste, more and more. Delightfully he leaves you then return. How to convince you that he is there for you. It’s not a pimp, because if it was the pimp don’t forget it instead is softly present.
I never write the producers, i always try to give space to the wine. Today I make an exception, because the winemaker and producer Michele Russo has done a great job, he was able to be interpreted and interpret through this wine himself. I invite you to meet him and drink with him a glass of his Frascati. Is he, kind and gentle, sincere as the land will forge. Elegant and at the same time decided, as the months of March in bloom. As precise as the sunrise and the arrival of the moon. Balanced as a glass of wine should be. Rough as a vine. Charismatic as the first berry during the “invaiatura”. Shy as the bud in the spring. I like this Frascati and i like who told me about it. It is no small thin. Normally i like it more than i drink that people who talk about it. I am safe, I talk about it a little but i write a lot.

Technical information: 20000 bottles are produced, the cost of bottle of wine is between 10 and 12 € . Frascati was a Gold Label Frascati Superiore DOCG, the company for commercial reasons has DECIDED far exit this Frascati DOC come. In the bottle: 80 % of Lazio Malvasia and the remaining 20 % split between the structure of Grechetto and elegant Bombino.
The balance in life is Important like on a glass of wine.

Music combined with the glass:

Olly Murs – Up (Acoustic) ft. Demi Lovato

Food dedicated:
Pasta Cacio e pepe, a terrace and the moon.

Vino_Wine_Frascati_doc_gold_label_2014_enologo_Michele_Russo  2Tenuta di Pietra Porzia
Via di Pietra Porzia 60
00044 – Frascati (Roma) – Italia
Phone: +39 06 9464392
Fax: +39 06 9464361

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