Close your eyes. Open them again . What do you see?


I see Rome, a multitude of lights, a carpet of small and beautiful flames that move in unison . A beautiful moon tonight enlightens me . It seems to tell “I Love You” . Or perhaps, it is the thing that everyone wants to hear. Rome at my feet . Beautiful, warm, bright as ever. A sky that intersects perfectly . Designed by the greatest painter of all time: God .

cantina_villafranca_vigneti_malvasia_puntinataRome, my Rome, the city that I love so much and sometimes hatred. Nice to do “suck”. I close my eyes, I open them and I think, the most beautiful city in the world. I’m 10 pm and I’m in Frascati and below me the eternal city. Sip a wine. As I always thought, the cup not contains only wine, contains memories, palpitations, feelings. For some one remember an appointment, for others ending love affair and others a love born. Then there are those who drink wine reminds emotion felt, at kiss gave, a music heard or a place visited. An endless supply of affective and emotional values ​​are given in the glass. Others drink and stop. I appeal to the romantics. People like me. Because they can understand me. Dream. I love this area, I love him deeply, I was born, I grew up and now my life is here. This battered territory that now is being revived slowly. Drink a glass of Frascati from this position makes me feel good. Dream and i hope. In the glass a wine I did not know. The bottle recommended by those who care about the territory and knows and loves him infinitely more than me. No anticipation, he just said: “Drink it.” And so I did.

Frascati_Superiore_DOCG_2014_Cantina_Villa_FrancaIn the glass Frascati Superiore DOCG 2014 wine, Villa Franca wineyard, 70% malvasia puntinata and 30% trebbiano, grechetto, bombino. A wine with few frills and trappings simple, i dare i say a countertrend . A sharp turn. It surprised to find a wine slim, clean, clear. Direct. In the glass slips linear, small bubbles will anticipate the minerality and freshness . A lively freshness .

Just for the summer evenings like this. Pale yellow with green highlights, limpid. At mineral nose strength . In the glass area it is reflected. The vineyards were planted on volcanic soil. Vertical, tense. On the palate, does not contradict the nose. Drinking, fresh, fruity, mineral long enough. Again I smell a glass and a meadow of daisies explodes. Unripe fruit, the minerality becomes less powerful and become sweet as a caress . Winemaker and owner of Felice Gasperini .

VillaFranca the company, is part of CDA’s Consortium Protection Denomination Frascati wines. Something is changing in this great little fact, small and laborious steps approaching that turn that I crave so much. In which I hope and believe. 15,000 bottles produced. Enoteca in the cost ranges between 7 and 10 Euros. Great value for money

In this evening, where the moon illuminates me and a light breeze around me, myriads of thoughts and projects that may arise in this land of wine and men. Such as I would love to organize in September a ride on the wine of Frascati. I would like to know the reality of this small consortium. I would like to would know their faces, their wines. I would like to hear their stories, maybe while eating sitting on bales of hay in a barnyard. I would like to see happy faces and hearts with light, as today is my. I close my eyes. I open them. I Love.

Music combined with the chalice:
Nicky Jam y Enrique Iglesias – El Perdón


Dedicated food:Rain of fried octopus terrace, a sunset and a glass.

 Frascati_Superiore_DOCG_2014_Cantina_Villa_FrancaCantina Villafranca
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