The wine that you will fall in love

vino_wine_IGP_Fiano_particella-928_Cantina-del-Barone_fare-innamorare_fall-in-loveI don’t love particularly dwell in wine tastings . I do not like to use big words that only a few people in the industry can understand. I prefer to talk about it in a simple, direct and with the respect it deserves wine.

Because you forget almost always, unfortunately, the work that there is’ behind a glass of wine; how much effort, how many hopes that a small business puts in the year it is producing. So wine is not a simple thing and like all love stories makes the complicated intriguing relationship. And i sincerely hope to be able to make you fall in love with the cup that i am drinking .

Fiano – Particella 928 – Campania IGP – Vintage 2012

A wine,Particella928, the Fiano, who comes from a small plot of vineyard that produces only 3,999 bottles + “one” the mine. A vineyard, a small particle of half a hectare, which in 2001 was completely replanted to make sure that the sun kissed the fruits fairly, as a lover follows and wraps his partner, so as not to leave her alone. And in this 2012, the glass of this find him. A golden yellow with small streaks green, shining in the light. 12.5 degrees seemingly lightweight, actually load of dry extract. You found also the undeniable influence of the soil, of volcanic origin where at 70 cm are limestone rocks with veins of iron. Smell direct and blunt bluntly, it is full of promise. The smoked tending to “torbato” makes it so special and original. Then white flowers, toasted nuts, honey and many, many citrus fruits. A fiano what i loved and i was surprised with every sip. I like your way of entering elegant on the palate, almost a do not disturb, and then show up with vigorous extreme clarity. Each drink and a small sinking heart and a graceful waltz of sensations. Nice to drink a wine like that. Beautiful knowing who produce it with so much love. Winemaker, agronomist and enologist Lougi Sarno. Father of this wine, the when he tells you understand how the desire well. The wines made ​​this way, when they drink they make me excited.

You’ll love you too!

Wine_Vino_Fiano_particella-928_Cantina.del.Barone_2012Fiano – Particella 928
Italy region: Campania
Quality label:  IGP (protected geographical indication)
Vintage 2012

Cantina del Barone
: Via provinciale 87 int 37 Cesinali (AV)
Tel/Fax: (+39) 0825 666751 – Cell.:(+39) 320 6981706  E-mail:

Music combined with wine: Passenger – let her go( kygo remix ). A beach, a sunset and lots of love.
Dedicated Food : Mozzarella di Bufala




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