Who is Irama, the winner of Amici 2018

Born in 1995, a native of Monza city, a sweet look and eyes of ice, he has printed the brand of genius, his unique look, long earrings that will certainly be trendy among the very young, remotely remember the fashion of the earrings with the cross launched by George Michael in the 80s.His songs, with a style that would recognize you among millions of singers, Irama, this is his stage name, made his debut as a singer at San Remo music festival in 2016, among the new proposals, with the song ” Cosa restera’ “, soon after Sanremo, arrives at the 2016 Coca Cola Summer Festival, winning the podium.

Sure of himself on the stage he manages to manage and dominate like a pop star sailed …
We will hear about it for a long time, give this name well and try not to forget it.

Irama means “rhythm” in the Malay language, but its real name is Filippo Maria Fanti, a fine and brilliant singer-songwriter. At the age of 7 he wrote his first song, now during the italian talent show “Amici” he had the strength and the courage to get back into the game. His tenacity and his determination led him to win the most important television Talent in Italy: Amici 2018.

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