open CineCittà – Luciano Melchionna’s INDEPENDENT DIGNITY OF PROSTITUTION

Dignità-autonome-di-prostituzione_foto-Valeria-Tomasulo (4)

“You pay me first. Even then, if you liked. ”

Autonomous dignity of prostitution is a show of Luciano Melchionna, born from the format of Betta Cianchini and Luciano Melchionna on tour in Italy and abroad since 2007.

Many actors as there are scenes in this musical carousel which shows no inhibitions to the rhythm of the chaotic circus festival. An evening long but not so hard to get to know all its leaders one by one. Otherwise different from the French, through the baby ring Neapolitan, the viewer nomadic and insecure goes in search of a known pleasure, an orgasm purely theatrical granted to him by men and women who give away their pill private show in exchange for a few dollars more. Between poetry, temptations and goosebumps, 40 actors are told in the words of director and their popes away, while in the brothel does not stop the show to continue, and the music undeterred on fire acrobats and dancers, chasing rumors that pleased child unleash the most brazen prostitutes.
From cheek to cheek, her lips painted dissolve in tears and the dignity  makes its way through the legs to confess to the world its freedom, that irrepressible desire to truth as a kiss on the forehead to the most false and tedious hypocrisy.

Director: Luciano Melchionna
Lights : Camilla Pigeons / Salvatore Palladino / Gianni Hunting
Audio : Luigi Di Martino
Costumes : Michela Marino
Assistant directors : Andrea Caiazzo / Sara Esposito / Maria Cristina Spano
Organization : Antonio Hats
Directors : Roberta Caldironi
Web -Promotion : Diego Serra
Management : Twelve Entertainment Agency


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