CRISTINA DONA’ / MARTA SUI TUBI @ Villa Ada – 22 July 2015

cristina-donà_marta-sui-tubi_foto-Valeria-Tomasulo (1)

Cristina sui tubi” (Cristina on tubes)
So in a nutshell the Dona defines the unique combination with a friend group, that of Martha on tubes that on July 22 they played with her in the second largest public park in Rome: Villa Ada.
The Italian singer is on tour with the band to present his latest album, “So close”, released last September, but can not help but offer yet and still never tired songs that made ​​us fall in love so much her.

The youngest group of Marta on the tubes, the original formation composed by singer John Gulino, guitarist Carmelo Pipitone (also vocals) and drummer Ivan Paolini, grant giving fans their finest pieces, without renouncing to accompany Dona in in an exciting piece of history of alternative rock like “Where is my mind” Pixies.


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