“Bigodini” by Laura De Luca

Laura-de-Luca_DSCN7459Brief interview with Laura De Luca … multifaceted artist, writer, journalist, screenwriter theater …. and much more …

A woman should be only two things: elegant and extraordinary. (Coco Chanel)

We discover one of his many projects “CURLERS. Aesthetics of a housewife, “just published by Gennarelli Bideri. The first presentation of the book of watercolors and was this July in Rome at the Monumental Complex of San Salvatore in Lauro, at Piazza di San Salvatore in Lauro 15.

“Curlers” … it could be a perfect name for a chat between girlfriends … but what do you say women nowadays and what they think? Women at work, at home, with family, with children, with friends, social, full of daily tasks, full of love and who resist the coarsening of the daily grind … so I would say women multitasking. We meet all a bit ‘in “Rollers” – Aesthetics of a Housewife “: Title of the book ironic sarcastic and paintings by Laura de Luca.” To all the amazing women, past and present, mothers and aunts, and tireless unrecognized, in their daily toil…”

1) How did your passion for painting? I am the daughter of art. My father Gianni, great cartoonist fully reassessed only after his death, he was brought up between brushes and colors. Childhood happiest However maiden refused to take his way because it frightened me the comparison, felt the immense weight of his genius. Only after his death, for a number of cases, I found myself with pencil in hand. And I regret not having taken advantage of his classes when he was alive …

2) these technique of watercolor … challenging for you? Dismissive, portable, fluid, surprising. I enjoy the unpredictability of the liquid element, but I still have a ways to go.

3) what you want to express what you love and express through your drawings? Everything, right? The universe. I feel that there is no limit. The real and the unreal! But mostly I attracts the human figure, the faces, the looks … The portrait is an operation and brazen together religious “The light shines from his portrait dark background” writes Jean-Luc Nancy. If you are at an editorial meeting, by train or a boring lecture, I can not resist and begin to portray the participants, live across … Sometimes you realize it and trigger different reactions, more often than curiosity, because the ‘ figurative artist is considered a rare animal or basically locked up in his luxurious loft, detached from reality. But I like also to draw the corners of the streets, passers-by, the monuments, the suburbs. I could become a street artist if I had more time and … more chutzpah!

4) As a project or study?both. I studied also, belatedly, for lost time because of that dreaded confrontation with my father. And, past the 50, I went to the academy together with my daughter.

5) speak of curlers … how did? During the housework. I am a housewife atypical, that the sauce on the stove while he composed an article or finishes a painting. And then the two universes, physical fatigue and mental fatigue, they are pleasantly infected!

6) a book or beautiful drowing, do you love most? A book with beautiful drawings.

7) what you want to convey to the public? myself! The well of mystery and color bottomless, like everyone else, I have inside, and I’m lucky to feel like a huge reservoir of energy!

8) plans for the future? A collection of cartoons on the vices of our times. And the exhibition of Faust, soon in Rome. I made eleven panels mixed media dedicated to my favorite character.

9) theater … art … write … choose the one you love the most? Ever since I woke up from a kind of lethargy biological, my commitment is to merge all experimental languages. You forgot dance and music. I realized several projects in which I led the collaboration personality and different artists.

10) What would you like from your future? projects? I want to stop being afraid.

11) And to finish … Laura De Luca will face a question and you answer …-What Watch the evening before closing his eyes?-the sky. I sleep with the window open and I always hope to get to see an alien spacecraft.

Curlers “- Aesthetics of a housewife” is an exclusive project as a means of reassuring acceptable within the laws of temporality, fragments of stories sometimes very strong that tell us multifunction women. Understand and know, think, meditate, talk, talk … we women we help to improve the world teaching the enormous importance of deep feeling. Women’s beauty lies in our eyes, the entrance of the heart – the place where love resides! We should encourage us to love ourselves as we are, and the right to have an opinion of ourselves.

… And with the heart we approach the album colorful, humorous drawings made by Laura De Luca, … a hope! Maybe something will change. But that would be a world without us “by Women Curlers”?

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