The protagonist is street art and urban regeneration

Sunday, December 18, 2026 inaugurated the project which sees the street art scene in Castel Gandolfo, starting at 11 o’clock in the morning you can take the first tour of the works created by the artists involved who tell their works.

Alessandra Carloni street Roman artist has made interventions in the niches and along the ramp as a representation of Castel Gandolfo views in dream-like and surreal “as if the city were suspended on a precarious mountain, which marks the imaginary theme of dreams”.
Materials Paints Quartz and brushes, does not use spray.

Leave room for imagination and dreams through painting.

It ‘a skyline that starts from the middle of the main niche, with the shape of the temple which draws in two theatrical scenes, the theme of the dream vision, where the two characters on the sides observe the landscape that continues in the other five niches through a series of stories in which follow one another more figures around the imaginary lake of Castel Gandolfo, who on a swing, those on a boat unlikely carried by a balloon.

The intervention on the ramp develops in length on one wall of 45 meters; here I have been a traveler who arrives with a balloon on the roofs of a city always imaginary; blown by the wind looks towards a lighthouse, a central element of the story that attracts the tale of a mechanical ship traveling suspended and is landing in a fantastic city.

When you’ve been invited to create a work for this project, why did you decide to join?
And what did the idea of ​​connecting your work on this project?
He was interested in making a mural in a very particular situation like that of Castel Gandolfo, and above all to be part of a project in which they were united five different styles; the use of the black background has allowed us to combine 5 different expressions integrating them harmoniously. In this way it is made a real gallery, urban open-air museum where the five painting styles follow one another on the inside and outside of the niches without interruption. My interest in the project is also created as a particular challenge in rapportarmi wall surface where especially the central niche and the columns have been for me a new artistic solution.

NEVE well-known street art Turin has produced two “Madonnas”, and with a dying child and accurately represent their icon.
Materials Aerosols freehand.

There’s just a message; I prefer to let emotion suspended.

When you’ve been invited to create a work for this project, why did you decide to join?
And what did the idea of ​​connecting your work on this project?
I decided to join because I like to draw the walls in Castel Gandolfo and bring the “dead Madonna” before the papal villa; It looked like a way to close an open circle five hundred years ago by Caravaggio in which a work was rejected similar.

Morden Gore the Marche artist painted on two walls, before the exit ramp of the saucer chatenuef du pape and then also on the long wall of the bus terminal.

Materials paint materials for external quartz, specifically different shades mixed and created ad hoc of brown and blue. Other parts are outlined in black and white, to highlight precisely the brown skins and the blue sea and towels, Italian BUSINESS symbols.

The work along the stairs is an African little girl blowing on a “Dandelion” tight in his hands. Its petals are transformed gradually into silhouettes of birds and then into real migratory birds crossing the sea to arrive on our shores, where the birds were confused with men, in reception centers, where they are given blue towels .

It ‘a story of every day, is the nature, which means that living beings migrate to seek better places to live, or at least survive. Only humans try to stop this natural flow, not realizing that nature will always have the upper hand.

On the black wall of the bus terminal instead he drew a portrait of a young woman, Middle-Eastern, a mother, who symbolically looks serene birds. They also represent three male immigrants, their children, who have arrived in Europe and maybe be able to have a decent life, far from violence and poverty.

When you’ve been invited to create a work for this project, why did you decide to join?
And what did the idea of ​​connecting your work on this project?
I decided to participate in the project because I believe in the philosophy of “lost” projects, which attempts to value through careful research, all those artists who have little visibility, with no focus on the usual names only because they bring “likes”. Simona and Alan know that there is an underground of artists who fail to emerge because “Lost” precisely in the maze of possible paths. And I think their goal is just that, to find talent and pay tribute to their poetic giving them opportunity to express themselves in important contexts.

My poetry often falls into the situation of migrants, especially women. Man is constantly at war, sometimes true, real, devastating, other mental Sometimes, metaphysics, sought. It needs war to fill the vacuum created by the lack of love. Only the woman can fill this void, also falling at war, struggling to change the constraints to which it is subjected. Dreaming of a new spring, a new dawn, a new world. I want to pay homage to that part of the women who is entrusted with this challenge. Arab and African women, educated in the most dreamy and combative which shows awareness of the revolution as the only cultural change weapon. Revolution as an educational weapon.

Tina Loiodice street Roman artist has created three jobs but the issues dealt with are the same: childhood and the woman.

Materials washable paints materials for exteriors to be applied with rollers or brushes, and as I said before, the black and white faces alternate pop elements in bright colors.

MESSAGE The hope of a serene childhood that is the premise and foundation of a peaceful and serene life.

When you’ve been invited to create a work for this project, why did you decide to join?
And what did the idea of ​​connecting your work on this project?
I joined because the original proposal was to build a wall all-female and the idea excited me. Even my works deal with the feminine, with portraits in matching black and white compounds with geometries and pop elements with which the story and denounce on childhood issues and on women.




Kristina Milakovic artist of Serbian origin in the murals of the terminal, in the five niches represents and interprets different places of Castel Gandolfo.

From the first the left you can see the Castel Gandolfo Country Club and its pond, all immersed in the surrounding nature; Following is the entire lower part of the country that continues to the central niche where I drew the monumental complex of the papal residence from which you can see in the distance the lake and the mountains surrounding it, while the last two niches are entirely dedicated to landscape and nature.
Tempera materials Wall brush.

Materials My palette is almost no color; dominate the black and white but in this case could not miss the heavenly that surrounds this beautiful country and is reflected in the sky and into the lake.
MESSAGE A message of beauty. The art coloring the streets and get to everyone in one way, or another, or sometimes with difficulty but arrives.

When you’ve been invited to create a work for this project, why did you decide to join?
And what did the idea of ​​connecting your work on this project? I decided to join because I wanted to get back to the test. I’m not a street artist, and before this project I ventured with my first wall three months Primavalle in Rome. I took this as a challenge and this time having to face many meters of wall; I tried to dominate the wall reporting on it my watercolor technique, very transparent, trying to apply it to a different area of ​​the canvas and harder if you want to achieve certain results.

The project I liked it even though it was very hard to deal with because of the size of the surfaces and the cold period; we still had a great support by the inventor Franco Galvano, Simona Albani and Alan Bianchi association “Projects Lost”, by all the restaurateurs and hoteliers of the area and the people of the country that welcomed us proactively.

And we deepen with the curators Francesco Galvano of Arte e Città a colori and Simona Albani Progetti Smarriti.

“The project was born from a ‘need of the Municipality of Castel Gandolfo, in particular by its Mayor Milva Monachesi, redevelop Terminal Bus that in effect represents the gateway to the lovely town of Castelli. – Explains Francesco Galvano

In fact the place is visited by many tourists both Italian and from abroad who deserve special reception on account of the historical sites in the city. I was, therefore, convened by the Mayor who, during the visit, expressed his willingness to make such a friendly place and worthy of being able to represent the community of Castellani.

Not a simple project in its implementation beyond the idea, it always tells Francesco Galgano that “the first hurdle was the sheer size of the intervention,” it parala a surface to paint more than 1,500 sq m., “Which involved a huge financial burden for the necessary materials and expenses related to the construction. After considering several hypotheses, including that of reducing the areas in which work, eventually we found the solution involving numerous local sponsors. In particular the participation of the Country Club Castel Gandolfo and many restaurateurs and hotel facilities have allowed us to raise the funds necessary to complete the project. “

A second step was the choice of artists, which was the result of a careful study: “After identifying the themes of nature, landscape and hospitality that would be treated and considered spaces by painting artists have been identified most suitable to represent them – explains Simona Albani – the choice was made together with artistic director Alan White of the “Progetti Smarriti” drawing on the many artists who have worked over time to other projects of “Arte e Città a colori”. In the various interventions they were attended by the most important national and even international artists who today constitute a true artistic heritage available for the realization of important projects. ”

He adds Galvano “Once confirmed the willingness on the part of the artists they were selected primarily based on their approach to the project requirements and criteria related to the message that you wanted to spread. The selected artists have prepared the rough sketches that were then subject to sharing with the municipal administration, local citizens and associations that have expressed their approval in a public meeting at the Council of the City hall.

At the basis of all the work the message that you actually want to leave is to be a question, as pointed out by Simona Albani:

Where is that art does not upgrading? This is the message through which we want to emphasize the function of art as an action of upgrading; urban areas are part of the common good can only benefit from artistic interventions and universal messages. Culture and its spread are in interventions of this kind free access by all and everyone can enjoy freely. The open-air museums promote the identity of a place, stimulate sharing between citizens and institutions by encouraging the development of a sense of civic duty that should in turn help to maintain the decorum of the commons. ”
And the project will have a second phase – Galvano – due to the fact that the area in front of the baths will soon be subject to extraordinary maintenance by the municipality. “Just concluded the maintenance work, presumably by March 2017, the area will be subject to further action to complete the artistic project proposed and approved As for the future or the possibility of realization of other interventions I would like to emphasize that our proposal is well-established and structured. We have created an organizational structure that is able to manage projects in a reasonable time in both the public and private sectors. Numerous artists who have made themselves available to tackle future projects and bring art and beauty in the house “.

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