How to make Tortellini, a traditional recipe for italian Christmas

Here is the recipe for tortellini made at home by the Fiaccavento family for 1.2 kg of tortellini


The filling (stuffing):
150g pork pulp;
200 gr of veal pulp;
150 gr mortadella;
100 gr Parmesan cheese;
Salt 6 gr.
Grated nutmeg for the filling (abundant).
Oil extra vergin of oil and an onion to cook the meat.

For egg pasta:
500 gr of flour type 00 (zero zero)
4 whole eggs and 4 egg yolks.

The pasta must rest at least half an hour before being pulled. With the machine to pull the dough you go in progression from the lowest number (greater thickness) three laps and to follow pass twice to the last number (very thin and light).

Here are all the steps in the pictures:

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