Crowdfunding, a lesson with “Produzioni dal Basso”

crowdfunding_romaSo many times we can hear about crowdfunding, the online fundraising; a collective production of projects that are proposed on the platforms that serve as a showcase of the best ideas.
It is a democratic financing, anyone can donate to the preferred project, and the sum do you prefer. And above all anyone can hope to see realized their dream.

A chance to take the opportunity of sharing projects to be financed it’s been “Lotto 49”, a literary agency and editorial service that collects in its projects and professionalism various routes ranging from publishing to traditional web and audiovisual: it offers advice for the production process of a publishing project, audiovisual and culture in general through laboratory “Pattern 49”, which provides for those who have a cultural project a series of educational pieces with which to build a path suited to its needs and its objectives.

Lotto 49 is organizing a day dedicated to crowdfunding, to better understand functioning, dynamics and strategies, so you can learn strategies to set and effectively develop a campaign, online and offline, set goals and rewards, how to use the tools available, to network and tell their story.

The instructor of the workshop – Saturday, March 28 2015 at Cowo | 360 – will be Angelo Rindone, founder in 2005 of “Produzioni Dal Basso”, the first Italian crowdfunding platform and one of the first in Europe.

produzioni-dal-bassoDuring these years “Produzioni Dal Basso” has developed one of the largest communities of self-production on line in Italy; his is a horizontal platform, does not filter projects and therefore it’s easy to access and use and welcomes all types of project. These are only few numbers of the platform: more than 65,000 registered users, more than 500 active projects and more than 650 projects funded and the total amount of € 1,542,725.95 of funding collected.

This workshop represent an opportunity to learn about one of the pioneers of this financing system, to find out the platform and learn, step by step, to develop their own campaign. Each of us, after all, has a project never realized … this is the right time to rediscover it and give it the success!

A lesson with “Produzioni dal Basso”

Saturday, March 28 2015 from 11:00 to 17:30
c / o Cowo | 360 – Via Vacuna, 97- 00157 Rome

To book just send an email to
The participation fee is 110 euro: there are discounts for registrations of two or more people from the same company, association or Workgroup


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